Stress-baking is a thing!

So right now, I find myself slap-bang in the middle of exam period, and it is most definitely taking its toll.

I’m not going to lie, I have pulled three all nighters, and averaged around 4-5 hours sleep the other nights, all in one week- and it’s beginning to have its effect on my body- I’m knackered, I am irritable with anyone and everyone, and I feel like the only thing that is able to sustain me at the moment is black coffee.

So, a couple of days ago, I had to take a day to myself and just breathe. Now, I have never been a baker, or even a very good cook to be honest, but I stumbled across what was supposed to be an ‘easy’ cookie recipe online while I was taking a study break during one of my all nighters, and I thought I’d give it a bash. I didn’t even want the finished product, but thought maybe even handing them out to friends would be a nice thing to do.

So I started making my peanut butter cookies, substituting half of the peanut butter with Nutella, because let’s be honest, what can’t be improved with Nutella?

And these came out:


For me, they were slightly thin, and next time I will add chocolate chips, but they were the chewiest things I have ever tasted… and that was it. I had caught the bug.

I did a little more procrastinating and found a few other recipes that seemed quite simple, dragged myself to Tesco, and loaded myself up with ingredients and utensils.

With two hours I had made: Banana Bread, A Lemon Drizzle Cake, and, to throw a savoury spin on things, I also made mini Bacon, Brie and Chutney pies.

These were the results:


The banana bread wasn’t the prettiest, and it was extremely dense, but it did;t stop me scoffing half of it before giving the rest away… and the mini pies, well, I had five out of the eight I made for my dinner that same night.

The whole point of this post is, it is so extremely important to take time to do something that is non work or study related because it could lead to a new hobby or interest, and most of all, it allows you to forget anything that is stress-inducing, even if it is just for a couple of hours.

The baking allowed me to spend some time making something that, at the end of the day, was still productive because I created something at the end of it, but because I had been so consumed in making these cakes, I had completely forgotten about exams for a short time, and went back to studying and revising with a fresh mind and cleared head.

The happiness I felt when eating the cakes, and seeing my friends enjoy them too, well, that was definitely an added bonus. So, if all fails and I fail my exams, at least I could bake some cakes somewhere!

C x

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