30 Days of Yoga With Adriene, done and dusted.

Yoga challenge.. complete.

Thirty days ago I embarked on a journey that I knew I had no option but to follow through till the end as I had talked about it on here and also told my friends I was going to do, therefore would be held accountable to whether or not I had completed it.

Yoga isn’t what I thought it was at all. Yes, it’s stretchy-stretchy and taking-breaths-in-and-letting-it-all-out-through-your-mouth, but in the past month I’ve realised it’s much more than that. Fortunately, this 30-day challenge promised a different theme for each video which has really helped me, as I would definitely have gotten bored by day three and given up.

With  exam stress and pre- (and post) Christmas financial worries, I have actually noticed that instead of getting in a flap about most things, and crying for hours about how I need to get a handle on my life, I’ve been able to breathe through most of the distress I’ve felt within the last few weeks. This doesn’t mean to say I’ve now become the most zen person I know and will never ever get stressed or upset every now and again, but I have definitely taken note of a pattern beginning to form whereby I am able to take a moment to step back from a situation that might be panicking me, close my eyes, and inhale-exhale for a few minutes until I can stop thinking about all the negatives of what I’m dealing with.

Also, I can now touch my toes without feeling like my hamstrings are protesting that I’m pulling them to capacity, and I have realised I’m not too bad at the plough position!

Watching Yoga with Adriene has also led me to finally, FINALLY be able to hold the crow position, even if it is for less than ten seconds! My form may not be perfect now, but hopefully with time I’ll be able to hold it without having to stretch for fifteen minutes beforehand!

If this has happened in the first month of doing yoga, I’m excited for the journey to come…

This month I have purchased a membership to my local Bikram yoga centre, and the deal is for thirty consecutive days, so who knows, I may hate it, and never go back after this week, but I might like it even more than the yoga I’ve been doing!

I’ll keep you all updated, wish me luck!

C x

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