The art of procrastination.

It is so easy to sneer at the word procrastination- the wasting of one’s time when there is little or no motivation to finish the task(s) at hand and meet deadlines.

Anyone who says they have never been a victim of this heinous word is a downright liar. No one has ever completed an assignment without wasting time ever. 

People do it in different ways. I, for example, like to see how many cups of tea I can possibly drink in a day. Or how far into a new book I can get. Or, like anyone else to be honest, how many episodes of a tv show on Netflix I can watch. My record? I watched an entire 3 seasons It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia this week, 4 days before my dissertation is due to be handed in. Yes. I have watched watched around 17 hours of television in the days before I have to hand in an extended essay that counts towards the final mark of my University degree.


The group chat my friends and I have on Facebook pinged with a message last week, with one of them asking the best deals for a new sim-only contract for her phone. Dissertation deadlines had driven my normally sane friend to trawling through the internet to find a new deal for her mobile. What a grown up thing to do as well. I was kind of proud if I’m honest.

ANYWAY, the point is, we all do little things to waste time and take our minds off things when we have bigger, more important things to do, and no matter how quirky or weird  these things are, they provide a sort of comfort to us.

I love tea. It makes me feel warm and happy- therefore, if I have an essay to write, the ritual of boiling the kettle, getting the teabag right, making sure the tea/milk ratio is correct, is actually rather soothing.

And personally, I think that good things can come from procrastinating. Aside from being able to make the perfect mug of tea (I know, I’ve been complimented by my colleagues at work), I have discovered new interests. While wasting time even this morning, I finally was able to get into an unassisted headstand (without a wall behind me) and it was honestly such an amazing feeling! Wasting time doesn’t always mean time wasted!

What does everyone else like to do with their ‘free’ time?

Until next time,

C x

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