Deadline Dilemma

Life, I have learned, is a series of deadlines.

As I write this, my final year dissertation is due in less than 24 hours, I have a presentation this week, and exams coming up in the next fortnight… all of which contribute towards my final grade at university and (apparently) will impact my future.

Shoutout to all my fellow stressballs out there who want to curl into their duvets and hibernate for 47 weeks.

I know for a fact I am not the only person right now that feels completely overwhelmed by these deadlines… it seems I have been chasing essay and exam due dates since I was 14 years old and started doing exams in the first place. And all for what? Basically a piece of paper that I will receive-hopefully- in June, yet I have already decided I will not use immediately in my ‘adult’ life.

It is so incredibly easy to complain and moan that it’s the fault of our lecturers and teachers- to criticise them and grumble that they should know better than to give us all our exams in the space of a few days, and that our dissertation deadline shouldn’t be in the middle of the semester. I know this. I do it almost every day.

However, I genuinely feel that this is amazing preparation for real life.

When else are we going to have to pull all nighters writing essays on topics we don’t particularly want to, prepare oral presentations on subjects we don’t even care about, or learn about the subjunctive mood in Spanish for the fifth time and still have no idea what it’s really used for?

Juggling deadlines and having to find a good balance between work, social commitments, family, love (though this doesn’t exist in my life as of yet), studying, gym time, chill out time and procrastination time is simply throwing us into the deep end of what to expect to have to do when we get out into the real world.

Fair enough, it won’t be to this extent… I cannot wait until I have a job that I can ‘leave at the office’ and not think about when I get home- having uni thoughts consume your mind 16 hours of a 24 hour long day is exhausting- but we will be so ready to deal with the challenges of life and obstacles that will appear along the way because we’ve had our school and university years to slog through all the hardest work.

After this dissertation is handed in, I will only have two essays to write for University and that is it. And to be perfectly honest, I cannot wait.

C x

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