New Year’s Resolutions- an update

So at the beginning of the year I set myself a few simple goals.

I shared them with you to hold myself accountable and motivate myself.

Here’s a quick update!

I have had no chocolate so far in 2017. This has been a heck of a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, not because I’ve been craving it or anything, but honestly, when you’re trying to avoid a certain food, it seems like it’s in everything! I couldn’t buy my usual rice cakes because they have a layer of dark chocolate on the top, and giving up Nutella has got to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

Now, when I’m upset, instead of sitting on the sofa and spooning the delicious chocolatey spread into my mouth, I’ve taken to trying to see how many grapes I can fit in there at the same time. The answer is 16. Much less than I originally thought I could.

The Bikram yoga has been a struggle as well. New Year’s Resolutions wouldn’t be what they are if they weren’t challenging though right?

With dissertation, the gym, work, uni homework, social life, doctor’s appointments, family commitments, time for myself, and time to sleep, I have had the most hectic schedule recently. But I have stuck it out and been to as many yoga classes as I’ve been able to fit in. My trial period ends soon though, so I’ll be starting Yoga Revolution on YouTube and doing that for a month afterwards!

The rest day resolution… I’m not going to lie, I cheated a bit.

As you’ve maybe already read, I went on a short city break with my friends at the beginning of this month, so my rest day was the day between leaving Scotland and the day we came back. Simply, I had no choice but to take a rest day because there was no way for me to get to a gym or to go for a run. Oops. I am going to try harder next month though – no one is perfect, and if anything, I knew this resolution was going to be the hardest one to conquer.

Saying no… I’m SO BAD at saying no to people! Honestly, even when I’m nodding and smiling and saying ‘Yeah no problem,’ I’m thinking to myself ‘what the heck do you think you’re playing at? You don’t want to do this in the slightest!’ Ugh.

I have been able to say no to a couple of minor things though, which felt rubbish at the time but ultimately, I was better off for it and used the time I would have wasted doing something else and channelled it into something way more productive.

Baby steps, baby steps!

Hopefully these will continue getting easier- or I’ll get less stressed and worked up about them- as the days go on! Maybe I’ll never eat chocolate again! (Okay I take that straight back I cannot commit to that!)

I hope everyone else’s resolutions are being smashed too!

C x

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