My first ever V-Day.

Love is in the air. 

The 13th February rolled round this year- DESPERATION DAY- and for the first time ever I wasn’t despairingly looking for someone to spend the dreaded Valentine’s Day with me, whether it be a guy I already knew or a gal pal in the same situation.

There is so much pressure for us to be with someone on this day. Love hearts everywhere; gift ideas coming up on Amazon suggestions; couples telling other people what their plans are. Ew.

However, just last week my boyfriend and I made things official and are a fully fledged couple. I haven’t called anyone my boyfriend for over four years, so this not only makes me slightly nervous, it also gives me butterflies every time I think about it. For Valentine’s Day, he straight up took me out for an evening that I can only describe as being very me. Dressed up in something nice, we talked hand in hand into town to our first ever wine tasting. Being just as much a lover of wine -and alcohol in general- as me, he thought he’s booked us in for a cheeky night of bevvying. Nope.

It turns out this wine tasting was for people that definitely knew their stuff and don’t usually have to resort to buying the cheapest bottle of red from Morrison’s because that’s all the student budget allows for. Places were set up at tables, sheets handed out for us to take actual notes. Ever heard of an aroma wheel? Neither had I, but apparently wine can smell like a huge amount of things… not just your fruity stuff either. Wine can also take on the odour of mouldy cork, diesel, grass, and must. What?!

It still turned out to be great fun tough-there was another couple next to us that seemed to be on the same boat, so we had a giggle together about our situation. And the nicest thing? He held onto my hand the whole time.

It’s rare to find someone who can make you feel so comfortable and loved with every moment you spend together.

Granted, we’ve not been going out all that long and this could just be us in our honeymoon phase, but I have never started seeing someone and actually felt something great could come from it.

Having a Valentine isn’t 100% necessary. It’s just another day in the year, and to be honest, it’s so commercialised, and I am a great believer in telling people you love them every single day of the year. I phone my little brother for a chat every evening and I never hang up the phone or end the conversation without telling him I love him. Even if we’re arguing. However, amidst all the stress and tears this year has been throwing at me so far, it was amazing just to chill out and know that someone was actually taking the time and effort to spend time with me- not because he had to, but because he truly wanted to.

C x

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