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We’re all just our own versions of lotus flowers. 

Lotus: a flower whose roots are firmly attached to the bottom of murky and muddy ponds, yet still manages to blossom and bloom towards the sunlight, showing its true beauty at the surface of the water.

I can’t think of anything more fitting to describe what us as human beings go through in our lives.

No matter what our backgrounds, what our situations, we are all rooted to what our upbringings are like, there is no escaping your own history- good or bad.

However, that does not mean that we can’t surface at the top of the water as beautiful, pure beings.

We all have to choice to move away from our pasts, no matter how hard it is. The only constant in life is change, and the only way to become who we truly are is to not let past s*** affect us.

Yes, sometimes the pain of what we’ve been through before can break through, and we have to reflect on what’s happened, but personally, it really irks me when people blame their own bad character or their bad attitude on things that have happened to them before.

I’ll be the first to admit- what I’ve been through isn’t the worst in comparison to what a lot of other people have had to deal with before, but it’s still pretty shit. But I would never use it as an excuse to project any negative feelings towards other people, or have it as a free pass to be a horrible person.

We’re always making choices, no matter how big or small, every single part of every day that shape who we are as people. We don’t behave in a certain manner because we can’t help it- we behave the way we do because we choose to, and I don’t believe for a second when someone blames it on anything else other than their own choices.

So grow. Rise above the murky depths of your past and blossom at the surface as the most beautiful and amazing version of you that you can be.

C x

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