Drinking water works ya booty.

Okay so this is super scientifically incorrect, but, over the past three months, I don’t think I’ve worked my lower body as much as I have trying to keep my bladder from leaking everywhere.

This is partly due to me trying to be better at drinking a decent amount of water every day, and also due to the fact that my boyfriend has such a good habit of being diligent about drinking it that I honest-to-god think my intake of water has more than doubled.

Cue toilet breaks every hour and being paranoid about emptying my bladder before long runs or journeys. During a weights session at the gym, I can almost guarantee that one of my breaks between sets involves me scurrying off to the bathroom for fear my next set of squats will force my bladder to let loose all over the platform.

Is that even biologically possible? I don’t even want to find out.

Maybe it’s time to introduce Kegel  exercises to my daily routine.

The point is, drinking water itself might not actually give you a better figure or help you lose a ton of weight, but it makes you feel amazing in different ways.

First off, early morning kisses are way better when both of you have had a swig of the sweet, sweet tap nectar, and neither of you have dry ass mouth/horrid breath.

Secondly, flushing out all of your toxins actually makes you feel lighter, in a weird way. Could be the placebo effect, could actually be true, but even knowing that drinking more water gets rid of all the shit in your body surely makes you feel a bit better about yourself?

Oh my goodness my skin as well. Having been prone to breakouts since the first day I started puberty, drinking a crap load more water every day-though hasn’t gotten rid of every spot and hasn’t eradicated mini breakouts- has made my skin feel smoother and not so clogged. Not to mention the water must be absorbing the oil or something because I no longer walk around looking like I’ve been sweating for hours. Other oily skin type girls ya feel me?

Probably the most linked to weight loss or maintenance, drinking water makes you feel full more of the time, which means the need to snack constantly disappears. There are obviously days where nothing will stop me from chowing down on a couple of cookies before dinner, but when you’re constantly filling yourself up with water, the fake hunger you feel between meals doesn’t make as much of an appearance.

Lastly, I genuinely think constantly having a water bottle near me has helped me kick my addiction to caffeine.

Obviously it would be absolute madness to take away my morning mug of coffee, but I no longer consume enough tea and coffee to induce mid-library-study-session shakes. And drinking less of the stuff means I can get to sleep easier and not be up half the night bouncing off the walls.

Basically, water isn’t the easy way out of doing anything else to take care of your body, but it is a good first step in making you feel better, if not physically, then at least mentally- not to mention it’s free, so winner winner chicken dinner I reckon! Drink your water, even if it means you’ll end up knowing where the nearest loo is from every possible location you could be.

Also, no more bad breath kisses for anyone involved 🤙🏼

C x

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