Ice lollies are underrated. 

Everyone around me is currently going on about how great the weather is and how they’d kill for an ice cream (I’m currently sitting in the library and everyone is miserable) but I can’t help but think poor ice lollies! 

Yes, ice cream is great, and there is absolutely nothing in the world that beats a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s after a shitty day at work or uni, and watching Netflix whilst eating strawberry shortcake Haagen Dazs with my boyfriend is literally the ideal night in for me. 

But hey! ‘Fab’s were a staple of our childhood, along with Calippos, cola flavoured ice sticks, Mini Milks, Ribena sticks, Nobbly Bobblies, Twisters… you get the gist. 

But it seems we get to a certain  age and it’s all about the ice cream, and lollies are pushed to the back of our heads as a last resort. 


Bring back the ice lolly fad. Let’s all get our clothes nice and ruined because of the sticky mess the act of having an ice lolly inevitably ends up as, and let’s all love it. 

Until next time, I’m off to purchase an orange Calippo ✌🏼

C x

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