Meeting Mum

My boyfriend and I have a big week this week.

Yesterday, I met his mum, and tomorrow, he meets mine.

I have no idea how yesterday went.

The horribly shy side of me that I thought had disappeared years ago crept to the surface and I had no idea if she liked me or not, because I was so scared of saying the wrong thing I just kept my mouth shut… it’s so unlike me but I don’t know what happened!

It got me thinking though, that when you start going out with someone, you need to sort of date their family as well, in a weird way.

First, you need to make this random human you’ve come across by chance like you for who you are, then, once you’ve completed that task and you’re in your little bubble of happiness and chilling through the honeymoon phase of your relationship, you need to impress the most important people in their life.


My boyfriend met my dad on FaceTime, and my dad, a self-proclaimed budding actor, tried to scare him, but it turned into a weird pirate joke thing. Then he met my brother, and they bonded over a gym session, a love that the three of us share, which was nice!

My mum has been saved for last though, because this will be the first time she’s met any boyfriend of mine, and to be honest, I’m pretty excited for it- he’s so important to me I want her to get to know the person who has become such a big part of my life.

Meeting his mum was a first for him. Being a girl, I feel like I take things a lot quicker than he might like to, so I knew that having me meet her was a massive step for him, and if anything, it made me love him that little bit more.

Watch this space, let’s see how tomorrow goes!

C x

2 thoughts on “Meeting Mum

  1. Well that’s pretty exciting!! I’m sure she loved you. Sometimes not talking much just comes off as shy and sweet. It’s not always a bad thing! Meeting parents is a cool phase in a relationship. I’ve only done it once but I was 15 years old! LOL! I can’t wait for that day with my future hubby. Gotta meet him first bahahaha! Good luck tomorrow, I’m sure it’ll go well!


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