Meeting mum: an update.

So that’s it!

I’ve met my boyfriend’s mum, and he’s met mine, a first for both of us, and I’ve got to say, it’s great to finally be able to talk to my mum about him with her knowing who he is and being able to appreciate what a big part of my life he is.

To be completely fair to my mum, with whom I’ve always had a slightly problematic relationship, she was on top form throughout the entire meal we all had together. She chatted away to Ian, asked questions about him and his life and studies, and, when he left to go to the bathroom, mentioned to me that he seemed really nice and she approved! – my mum literally never approves of anything I ever do or say so this is a huge step for her!


So now, the only parent left to meet is my boyfriend’s dad… fingers crossed for that!

C x

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