22? Completed it mate.

The 26th was my birthday, and for the first time ever in my entire life, I was scheduled in for a shift at work.

Call me crazy, but shouldn’t it be a basic employee right that birthdays be an automatic day off? Because who wants to spend the only day of the year where they celebrate their life slaving and stressing away serving other people?


Sack. That.

Anyhoo, I spent the shift – okay it was only a 6 hour one- obviously doing my job and serving food to customers and all that jazz, but also contemplating the last year of my life and everything that has happened to me in the last 365 days.

I thought of all the negatives- I have fought bulimia, anxiety and depression; I have lost a very close family member to a horrible illness that wrecked her from the inside out; I went through the most intense year of university in a bid to come out with a decent degree, and this led to me turning to alcohol for a few months as my go-to therapy because I thought it was the only option I had.

It was dark… probably one of the most difficult years of my life so far.

BUT I realise it’s so easy to get hung up on the bad things that we forget all the light we have in our lives.

22 was the year I had an amazing experience au-pairing in France; I met my incredible boyfriend who I love more than coffee itself; I kind-of-sort-of mended my relationship with my mother; my stepmother brought a little boy into the world, adding a new member to our family; I found a job I love (most of the time) and last week, as an early birthday surprise, my best friends took me to see Grease at the theatre. WHO EVEN DOES THAT?!

Bottom line, I am extremely lucky.


Shit things have happened, but that’s a part of life. You just need to deal with it and try and do your best to deal with the situations that arise. If you go through life expecting the best and the most perfect outcome to everything you do, you’ll be forever disappointed. Do the opposite, (without being a total pessimist of course) and you’ll be surprised and cheered up with the smallest things.

What did I do on my birthday?

Well, I started it off with my boyfriend, who made me a beautiful breakfast before I went to work. (He got me an amazingly thoughtful present, which totally made me ugly-cry.) Then I worked, ugh. And then got changed and sat in the park enjoying the sun with my boyfriend, people watching and giggling away to ourselves, and then we made our way into town and had the most amazing pizza at a place called Pizza Punks in Glasgow.


It was difficult- even though it was my birthday, eating in front of others is still really hard for me- but I persevered, and just thought over and over again how incredibly amazing it is that I have such supportive and loving friends that took time out of their busy lives to celebrate my birthday with me.

And so, goodbye to 22, and hello 23, here’s to hopefully an easier year, but one still filled with friends, love, laughs and my boyfriend giving me back rubs and binge watching Netflix with me!

C x

2 thoughts on “22? Completed it mate.

  1. I wish my ’22 year’ was that great! I’m nearing my 23rd birthday in just a month. I agree with what you said about the good and the bad times. We should focus on the good instead of lingering on the bad. Good luck in your 23’s

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