Searching for Sawney

The first stop in my other half and I’s road trip was a cute wee seaside town called Girvan, on the southwest coast of Scotland.

To be honest, we didn’t really know what to expect, or what there was to do in the area, but we unpacked anyway and went downstairs to ask the owner for some tips.

Let’s just say the owner wasn’t my biggest fan to begin with… we booked the hotel the night before at 1am and he’d had to get out of bed to answer our phone call.


Anyway, we asked him what to do and it turns out that there isn’t much within walking distance, so he started telling us about things that are a little drive away.

As a little add on, he told us about a local legend about a 48-strong clan of cannibals that terrorised the town in the 15th century.

Being a bit of a weirdo who is fascinated by crazy things people do, I was intrigued.

So basically, legend has it that a dude named Alexander (Sawney) Bean ran away from home with a girl when he was a teenager and they started a life together in a cave on the beach near the town. They obviously didn’t have any money, and no job, so discovered that innocent passers by were a good source of food. Ew. They ate people, then through incest, because a family of 48 who would push people off the side of the cliffs in order to kills them and feed themselves. This story was even more amusing to me because Sawney’s surname was Bean, a nickname I constantly reee to my boyfriend with! 😂

So sack the forest park, patch the beautiful scenery, we went in search of the cannibal’s cave.

Unsurprisingly, there weren’t any signposts pointing out how to get to the cave belonging to a cannibal, so if was pretty difficult finding out how to get there.

We found a spot to park the car, and started looking for ways to get down the cliffs lining the seafront.

I am by no means a brave person who can just walk down cliff faced willynilly, so this was terrifying to say the least… that, coupled with the fear of the cannibal story in my head, there were times I wanted to just stop.

We kept going though, aaaannnndd, after jumping the last few slippery, seaweed-covered rocks, WE FOUND IT!

I couldn’t bring myself to go right up to the entrance, but, a typical man, my boyfriend started scaling the rocks in front of the entrance.

Massive birds flew out of the entrance hole; rats came scampering out. I was scared and I wasn’t even the one at the cave!

He peeked his head through the entrance, but even for him it was too eerie and creepy and he came back pretty quickly because he felt real anxious.

But GO US!!!

Not ones to do things normally, our first activity on our first getaway together turned out to be cannibal cave hunting. And we succeeded!

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

C x

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