Day 2 of our 4 day adventure!

My boyfriend and I woke up in an incredibly comfortable bed, free of responsibility and had no plans for the day. The sun was out and we had an entire day to fill with activities and fun.

But not before breakfast.


We booked into the hotel with a deal, so were we heck giving up on a free fry up… bacon n eggs COME AT ME!

After fuelling up on probably the most unhealthy (but incredibly satisfying and tasty) breakfast, we headed out with the car towards a national park that had caught our attention during our lazy Google-search of interesting places in the area.

A Forest Park is by no means as weird and intriguing as a cannibal’s cave, but we have to be normal sometimes right?

As we continued on our way, we decided to follow every brown ‘sightseeing tourist’ sign that came up along the road, to take in as much as possible of the countryside we were driving through.


Our first stop happened to be a beautiful hidden waterfall around which we could walk on a path that led to Murray’s Monument– which is, as we learned, dedicated to a former shepherd’s boy who came out of the farming life and became a professor of Oriental languages and studies at Edinburgh University.


The weather was beautiful, and we are of course in Scotland, but aside from the feeling of being eaten alive by midges, it was striking how at peace we felt standing next to such a beautiful part of nature. We couldn’t dip our feet in because of the whole having-to-keep-going thing, but it was truly breathtaking what we saw and the fact that this is basically right on the doorstep of the big city we live in made it even more special.

The next stop was the Red Deer Range, where a little hut has been built specifically for people to be able to get up close and personal with the red deer of the Scottish countryside. They’re such majestic creatures, sitting tall and proud in the grass… unfortunately they didn’t come up the the hut- probably best because I have a ridiculously unreasonable fear of having animals near me if they are bigger than me- but we got close enough to get a little picture of them!


We tried to make one more stop on the way to the main park area to see the Wild Goat Park, but people were already feeding the goats there so we continued along… and by accidentally taking a wrong turn, we ended up driving by Loch Dee (hysterical to us because of our love for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and the sight was absolutely insane. Being Scottish, I’ve seen my fair share of Loch’s, but honestly, nothing could compare to this.


We couldn’t find anywhere to stop the car so we tried to take it all in as we continued along the little country road.

And, after another 10 minutes of driving, we arrived at the Galloway Forest Park.

Just in time for lunch!


The surrounding views were beautiful… if there’s anything Scotland is good at it is having a great view for you to look at.

We had a little walk through the forest, and on the way back my boyfriend did a typical man thing and tried to scale some rocks next to the water. Cue bloody finger and me running to the restaurant in search for plasters. 😱

At least he was still able to drive!


After having done so much walking, we headed back to Girvan, where we had a well deserved chippy for dinner. A successful day all round I reckon!

C x


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