Never let me be in charge of admin- day 3 of 4

Today may never have happened and it was completely my fault because I’m a total bean. 

Yep. We have learned, as a couple, that administration-based tasks are not my thang and I should never be in charge of them. 

We got up, making the most of our last morning in a hotel by having a beaut fry-up (I swear to god I’ve put on 5 pounds on this holiday from bacon alone), and packing up our stuff. Again, rubbish at planning, we had no idea where we would end up in the night, and hoped the car would take us somewhere fun! 

We loaded the car up on fuel and decided to go to the Isle of Arran for at least the daytime to see what there was to do. 

So, as my boyfriend was driving (I failed my test years ago-I have resigned myself to the fact I’ll never drive) I was in charge of finding out if there were any cheap campsites and also book some ferry tickets. 

Boom. Done and dusted. The rest of the car journey to Ardrossan was perfectly relaxing. 😎 

Until we got to the port. We drove up to the kiosk to make sure we were in the right place, just to be told that the ferry I had booked us on wasn’t scheduled for that day and we weren’t on the system to be crossing the sea. 


Thankfully the lady in the kiosk was a wee star and booked us onto the ferry that was about to leave (and the last one of the day as well) but it did mean paying the fare again. 

One thing I was in charge of, one thing and I couldn’t even do that right. 

As we got onto the ferry I frantically searched my phone, and realised, with a mixture of both shame and annoyance…

I’d booked us onto a ferry for the next week. 

Bean I tell ya, I’m a downright bean. 

On the bright side, at least we got on the ferry, and with some phoning around, we got booked into a decently priced campsite for the night – redeeming myself there, phew! -and we chilled on the ferry as we crossed the sea to Brodick. 

Apart from that hiccup- which could’ve been the beginning of a huge fight so thank goodness we got it sorted, the rest of our day went quite swimmingly. We successfully located the campsite:

And the place was beautiful. Honestly, to get insane views there’s no reason to fly out to another country… Scotland is stunning!

We pitched our tent with zero fights! 

And we got changed into our hiking gear and set out…. for the distillery next door! 

Well- it is an attraction on the island so why wouldn’t we go see it? 

We learned about the relatively young history of whisky brewing on the island- from the illegal roots of the whole operation to the fame it has found nowadays with celebrities and locals alike. 

We had lunch in the distillery- washed down with some local beer of course- then set off exploring. 

Being a hopeless child at hear, I wanted to see the Fairy Dell, so we went off hand in hand on a popular route around the island. 

And went too far. 

Our little gander to see the fairies turned into a three and a half hour trek through the desolate rocky landscape that is the north-east edge of the island. 

We didn’t even get to the next town. We got to a point where we knew there was no way we would get there and had to make an executive decision to turn back. 

The views made the journey 100% worth it though. 

We made it to a pub just on time for the rain to start pouring, and refuelled on some food ol’ pub grub, before heading back to our little abode for the evening… thankfully the wind hadn’t blown it away to the other side of the island!

We did realise we were stuck for entertainment as the campsite wifi didn’t stretch as far as our tent- so we did it old school. We cracked open a giant bottle of sangria, and some of the cream liqueur we bought from the distillery and giggled and chatted till exhaustion from the day took over. 

I will admit. I am a first time camper, and I’m not going to sugarcoat it. It was so uncomfortable. And it got cold really quickly in the night. But there’s something so romantic (in my opinion anyway) about lying next to someone you love and knowing that the warmth and comfort you feel is from them. He may have stolen the blanket from me midway through the night and I had to hunt for warmer bottoms, but we were at least both in the same boat and had each other. 

Lesson learned though. 

I am not an admin person. 

C x

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