All holidays have to come to an end. Day 4 of 4. 

Fortunately for the two of us, we had been informed yesterday that the ferry service between Ardrossan and Arran wasn’t running as normal so we’re forced to be booked onto the last ferry back to the mainland, effectively forcing us to have an extra full day to be on holiday. 

I know. Woe is me, life is so hard rn. Ha! As if we were complaining, this place is beautiful and we were gutted we couldn’t stay another night! 

We had a lazy little morning, eating what leftover reserves of ‘on the road food’ we had… to be honest we got a bagel, cheese and butter each, which isn’t actually all that bad a breakfast! 

We showered, packed up the tent, and I have to say that taking it down wasn’t the hardest part, as I thought it would be, but rather folding the whole thing in a certain way to fit it into the bag to be able to zip it up. Nightmare. But manageable really. 

Again, we loaded up the little car and set off down to the south of the island, where the ferry leaves from, going by the logic that we could still go exploring but also be near where we needed to be at the end of the day. 

No faffing about trying to get the car for us. 

So, we drove down to Brodick, getting there just in time for lunch… and just as well, because we needed the energy for our next activity. 


I cannot tell you the last time I was on a proper bike, so strapping on my helmet and working out a route to go along was so exciting! 

We went up to a little area called Glen Rosa, which was honestly just breathtaking. My pictures will never properly do it justice. 

After having cycled up to the glen, we took a mostly downhill and flat route to the Isle of Arran Cheese Shop to have a little taste of what was on offer. I’m telling you, there is nothing better tasting than some cheese and coffee when you’ve cycled away your breakfast and lunch! 

Break over, we headed down the road a little to the Brewery to have a look about, again, got some tasters (don’t drink and cycle, kids) and bought some refreshments for the end of our cycle, which we planned to have end on the beach near the car. 

We got to the beach and obviously couldn’t resist. We just had to dip our toes into the water. The sky was clear, it was warm, storm clouds looked imminent but far enough away to give us time, so we stripped our shoes and socks off and got in. 

It was unbelievably freezing. 

The act that both of us managed to keep any of our toes was insane. 

There’s something so weirdly fun about having your toes in the freezing sea though… it’s a feeling you can probably only get in Scotland and it’s pretty amazing!

But, we were in Scotland, land of unpredictable weather, and sure enough, a downpour began as soon as we had our shoes on again. 

So we pedalled as fast as we could to return our bikes, found a nice looking cafe in a hotel and had some downtime. Well deserved, well utilised (the other half had a little nap). Yep- we went into a posh looking place and napped/read on one of their giant sofas for an hour… no regrets. 

After a spot of dinner (very cheap as we were both running low on funds)  and a mini game of golf, we headed back to the ferry. 

Now, eating right before getting on the only form of transport that makes me feel sick was a bit of a silly mistake- I felt queasy the whole way back, but then again, what’s a holiday without feeling a little bit nauseous right? 

The ferry wasn’t even the last part of our journey. My poor little jellybean had to drive us back to Glasgow- which to be fair, was rewarded with some Chinese food and Family Guy! 

But that’s it! A four day break away and it’s back to real life. 

Coming back to the real world is difficult, and thinking about having to do it is even harder, but working hard and keeping your head down definitely makes little trips like this even more special, especially when you get to do them with the ones you love! ❤️ 

C x 

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