Grad Ball #2 

So, last month my boyfriend did me the honour of accompanying me to my graduation ball… something I was incredibly grateful and in awe of because he literally knew me and one ther person that went. 

My anxiety for this night began weeks in advance, but I tried to put it to the back of my mind and have a good time anyway- what you should do when your man has invited you to such a special event, no? 

And I was lucky. There were three other people going, and also sitting at the same table as us that I already knew, so it meant I had people to talk to if I ever found myself alone! 

The Oran Mor in Glasgow’s West End was gorgeous. 

There were twinkly lights everywhere, the tables were set to perfection, and… the free Cava was flowing- bonus!! 

So many amazing photos were taken that night, physical reminders of a great graduation ball, and also a reminder of how well the other half and I can scrub up when we give it a go! 

Grad ball wouldn’t be a grad ball if there wasn’t a ceilidh now, would it? 😬 

I was spun around and waltzed to within an inch of my life, and it was the best 3 hours I’ve had in such a long time, it was totally worth the stressing. 

Why had I been anxious? 

A girl my boyfriend used to be involved with and who is still part of his friendship group was going to be there and I knew it. After all, they’re on the same course so she was inevitably going to be there… 

I wasn’t scared she was going to start anything or say something to me… but as a woman in this day and age where we’re programmed to compare ourself to anything else with vagina, I felt threatened. Threatened that he would see he all glammed up and walk away from me. 

Silly, I know, and I’m so lucky that he’s totally understanding and has said to me that it would never happen. But how do you get rid of these thoughts? 

Thankfully, there was no encounter at the ball, we made eye contact and nodded to each other, but other forms of communication were avoided. Which is great! It meant everyone was able to have a good time and enjoy themselves! 

Then came the afterparty and the effects of too much alcohol. I walked into a situation I didn’t like the look of, which then led to a fight… but halfway through screaming at each other, I looked at my boyfriend, thought about this other girl, and just wanted to burst out laughing. Who was she to make me feel self conscious and fight with my boyfriend? 


The music was blasting and I had been dancing to my hearts content, so I decided enough was enough. No overthinking, no fighting, I wasn’t going home and admitting defeat, I was going back into the party. 

And we did. We apologised to each other (the boyf and I, I have no time for this girl) and we enjoyed ourselves. Till 5am.

Oh yeah. I might act like an old lady most of the time but there’s still some party left in me. 

Point is, there are blips and people that put you off your game in life, but the important thing is to just let them brush off you like water on a birds feathers. Don’t let them affect you, if they don’t want to be your mate… their loss!

C x 

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