Laaaaandaaaan baby!

Last week I spent a glorious few days in London with my boyfriend, before seeing him off for his trip to South America.

The trip to London was a gift he bought me for my birthday… Which was presented to me in the most creative way… A GOLDEN TICKET!!!

We arrived quite late on at night, and made our way to our apartment/hotel -which, to my amusement, we didn’t think existed due to some shady emails, so until we actually saw the physical place, there was the whole possibility of us having to share a park bench!

Our hotel was next to Hyde Park, so pretty close to everything we needed, but it was four floors up so our calves took a beating before we were able to hit the hay!

Day 1

Early start, we bought some breakfast from the nearby Sainsbury’s, and left the apartment to join a free walking tour we had booked in advance. Strawberry Tours is a London based tour company that offers tours all over the city on the basis that you pay at the end, and only pay whatever you feel the tour was worth. And it was brilliant! The sun was shining, we walked round the centre of London and saw pretty much everything a tourist needs to see- Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben etc- and we learned so much about the monarchy and the history of our country.

And…. who would’ve thought, I got a tan in London! A real, brown tan!

We met the boyf’s sister for a little coffee and catch up and walked around the National Gallery for a bit (not for the art but for the air con) before going on to our next activity… the biggie.

WE HELPED JOE WICKS BREAK A WORLD RECORD!! That’s right, we donned our running shoes, went to Hyde Park, and with almost 4000 other people, took part in the largest ever HIIT workout! Hiya Guinness Book of World Records! 🙌🏼

Unconventional holiday activity, yes, but we wouldn’t be us if we did what normal people do!

Day 2

We only had two nights in the hotel so we checked out with plenty of time to spare before heading to the south side of London to take our stuff to his sister’s flat, as we were to stay with her for our last night in London. Her flat was so cute! It is exactly the type of flat I’d like to live in when I’m older and actually have money to spare!

Camden Market was the activity for our second day- we milled about the stalls and soaked in the sun, stopping from time to time for a drink.

And the best thing

CHURROS!!! Holiday time is indulgence time and there is no messing about with this Spanish delicacy!

To work it off we went to a nearby park that had a ping pong table, and to avoid any fighting, we played a game without keeping score- the two of us are way too competitive to play a proper game!

It was amazing being able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine with the other half- it was so special being able to spend quality time with him before his 6 week long trip away. Since we’ve been together, we haven’t ever spent more than two or three days apart, so the next 6 weeks will be so difficult, so having these wonderful memories incorporated to having to say goodbye is such a blessing.

C x

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