Holiday update!

So I’m two days into my little break from real life and I can happily say I’m having a ball so far! 

I’ve met my newest little brother at last, and been able to spend hours upon hours playing with my three year old little jellybean brother! 

Unfortunately baby S is a tad afraid of me because he’s not used to me yet but hopefully that’ll change if I keep seeing him every day, and littl N loves me, even forcing me to cuddle him to sleep since the first night I’ve been here, which has been incredibly cute! 

It’s got me thinking, they’re so young and little, and little S certainly won’t remember spending this time with me, save for photos that he’ll look at in the future, but it is so so important to spend time with them from when they’re little babas. 

My 16 year old brother and I are lucky to be closer and have more in common than most siblings, and I would hate to think that the two little ones will not have the same kind of connection just because we don’t live in the same country. 

I don’t want to plan too many trips just now to come back and see them in the future, because I don’t want to set myself or anyone else up for disappointment if it doesn’t work out, but I know for definite I want to bring my boyfriend here next year at some point to meet the extended family and bond with the two wee boys! 

For now, I’m enjoying every moment I have with them, taking little N to the pool and teaching him how to swim! He’s got an unexplained fear of getting his head wet though, so it’s proving to be a bit difficult! Here’s hoping he picks it up though!

C x

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