Watching a magical film under the stars.

Have you ever seen La La Land? I hadn’t. Not till the other night, when I met up with a good friend of mine at Luna Park in Sydney and we snuggled under blankets and watched it together. It was beautiful. The view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is absolutely incredible from the entrance of the park…… Continue reading Watching a magical film under the stars.

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No one tells you the difficult parts. 

Travelling is… fun; exhilarating; eye-opening; a whirlwind; life-changing. It is all of those things, and obviously even more, depending on where you’re travelling, why you’re doing it, how long you’re doing it for etc. But life-changing. That’s one to think about, because it’s not just ‘life changing’ in the sense of the whole shebang- seeing…… Continue reading No one tells you the difficult parts. 


Making bittersweet memories. 

Guys, I’m literally in the middle of moving to Australia.  I’m feeling so many emotions: fear; anxiety; excitement; and also my heart feels like it’s breaking.  You guys have heard me ramble about Mr Onebigstressball, and there’s a reason for that. I’ve never been in a relationship anywhere near as exciting and dizzying as this…… Continue reading Making bittersweet memories.