Making bittersweet memories. 

Guys, I’m literally in the middle of moving to Australia. 

I’m feeling so many emotions: fear; anxiety; excitement; and also my heart feels like it’s breaking. 

You guys have heard me ramble about Mr Onebigstressball, and there’s a reason for that. I’ve never been in a relationship anywhere near as exciting and dizzying as this one. He is so supportive, helping me through each day with regards to my illness, and has never once complained about it being a part of me. 

So, last month I decided I’d book a little surprise for him (to be honest I accidentally told him not long after booking it so the surprise wasn’t there… it’s the thought that counts though right?!) 

I saw on instagram that my mate had stayed for a couple of nights in a cool looking hostel on the Isle of Skye, in the west of Scotland, and, after badgering her for information, I booked a staycation for me and my chopstick to stay for a night in the Skyewalker Hostel (I know, great name, it was what made me want to stay in the first place- May the force be with you) as it was a place we’d spoken about before and both wanted to visit. 

But, as we all know, I am sh** at admin, and it turns out, the Isle of Skye is a five hour drive from Edinburgh. 🙄🙄

I can’t drive ( actually I can but I failed my test for going too slow, and I will defend that until I pass it one day) so my poor little boo had to drive all that way, and I’m the worst travel companion, because I can’t help but fall asleep. 


The drive was worth it though. Scotland is a beautiful place when you have the time to appreciate what’s outside the boundaries of city life. 

We were even able to make a pit-stop and dip our toes into a loch! 

The Isle of Skye is incredible. There’s approximately 2 roads, no proper internet, and sheep literally walk across the roads and you have to drive slowly in case you ram into them! 😧

The hostel was so cute, really quaint and just far enough away from the local pub for it not to be a disturbance, but not too far away that we’d have to drive back after dinner. They have a dome in the middle of the garden that looks like it’s supposed to be in a fairytale, which is clear and filled with twinkly lights that give it a magical feel. That’s what’s beautiful about the highlands. You step out of city life and straight into a story book. 

The thing we both wanted to see were the fairy pools, so, after a night of sharing a single bunk bed (because I booked us into a dorm and there was no way I was sleeping on a bed myself so close to my departure date) we got up, had breakfast, and made our way down a single road to Glenbrittle, to see what the fuss was all about.  

They are out of this world. As the name suggests, the water of the pools, with all the different hues of blues and greens, look like they’re from another world completely, and I can totally imagine fairies and mythical creatures dancing about amongst the rocks and pebbles. 

Us being us, it wasn’t enough just to trek to and see the pools. We had brought bathing suits with us, so it was time for a rude (and extremely cold) awakening to the senses, and we both jumped right in. 

I do not have the words to describe to you guys how utterly freezing the water was… and what did we expect? We are in Scotland after all. But it felt exhilarating. 

The sun was shining at least, so once we were out of the water we dried off pretty quickly and weren’t too cold. 

There’s nothing quite like a shock to the system and being looked at by strangers because you’re the only one voluntarily wearing a bikini during a Scottish autumn in the highlands, but this trip was exactly what I needed. 

I needed time away from the city, to appreciate and make the most of what’s important to me. Would I rather have spent a night in a 5 star hotel being pampered and taken care of and given free food? Not if I were alone. Being with someone who loves me and enjoys my company and who I adore more than anything in the world was all I wanted before this big move, and this holiday was a chance for us to savour each moment we had left together. 

He brings out the best in me: I’m more adventurous, more brave, more willing to push the limits of my comfort zone, and I am truly grateful to have someone to jump into fairy pools and risk hypothermia with. 

Long distance isn’t for everyone, but, as my best friend said to me in a moment of pessimism, if you want to make it work, it will

100% it’ll be the most difficult thing either of us have ever done, but when you have something worth fighting for, there’s no excuses for giving up. 

C x 

P.s I am about to board a 14 hour plane journey. Wish me luck. 

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