My first day out in Australia. 

I have never been so afraid of things brushing against me as I am now. 

My hair will literally tickle my ear and I’ll jump and freak out and think a spider has somehow crawled in and made my ear tunnel its new home. I know it’s silly, but you’ll all be laughing on the other side of your face when it happens and I turn into Spiderwoman. 

But, after two days of resting and recovering from jet lag, trying to convince myself that alligators won’t bite my ass when I’m on the toilet, and marvelling at the collection of movies Australian Netflix has to offer, I had my first proper day out in Sydney today. My friend Matt is a local, so he volunteered to be my guide for the day. 

I had a relatively lazy morning, followed by my first venture on Australian public transport, which was fine, except I have realised the hard way I’m not good at pronouncing the names of places here, so pointing at signs might be the way to go from now on if I want to save myself some embarrassment. 😅 

I got off at Warrawee, to be promptly picked up in the car by Matt and after a mini-lunch and quick catch up (we haven’t seen each other in a year), we drove down a small part of the Pacific Highway towards West Head Lookout, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. The plan was to do a bush walk and go exploring a little bit, as being shown around by a native is obviously the best way to do that. 

Unfortunately though, as there has been no serious rain in Sydney for the past three months, there was a total fire ban all around the park, which meant all trails were off-limits to hikers and walkers. 


Thank goodness I had Matt (and his car) with me, because we drove up to West Head Lookout and got the most stunning view I have ever seen in my life so far. We could see for miles. 

We weren’t able to stay for too long, however, as there was actually a wedding going on and we didn’t want to crash it too hard.😅 

We went on a little walk, with me mostly trying to spot native animals because goodness me, they are weird! The only things I was able to see were a goanna and a water dragon, but the water dragon was so skittish I couldn’t get a snap! 

It’s still so surreal to me that I’m on the other side of the world… only last week I was jumping into the fairy pools in Scotland! 

I cannot wait for the next 9 months to unfold and for the adventures to properly begin. Maybe this is exactly what I need to clear my head of the cobwebs that have been accumulating over the years! 

C x 

4 thoughts on “My first day out in Australia. 

  1. If it helps at all, there’s no alligators in Australia. And when I first moved here I felt something land on my head and thought it was a massive spider, COMPLETELY freaked out and fell over splitting my knee right open down to the bone. And the the thing that landed on me…. a leaf.

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