Hello again everyone! I hope you’re all having a fab weekend!

Today is day 5 of the IntroToPoetry Challenge by WordPress and the prompt is Screen, with encouragement to use enjambement. 


What was once a new break in technology,
An alien to our world, is now our best frien
d. We depend on it, looking into it’s blank, s
taring eyes for hours upon hours every day,
seeking comfort from it where our human r
elationships fail us. We use it to find love, to
communicate with others. It is there whene
ver we are bored, waiting for a train, or per
haps a bus. The light in our eyes is no longe
r from excitement or genuine love, it is mer
ely the reflection of the screen’s backlight, t
hat shines bright no matter how dark it is in
your own world. We are addicted. This light
gives us life. It powers us all. It is the screen.

I hope what I was trying to convey with this enjambement comes through (the form of the poem taking the shape of a screen) and that you enjoyed it!

Happy weekend everyone!

C x

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