Flavours on my tongue

Oops, so I either counted wrong or missed a day, but apparently today is the 7th day of WordPress’s IntroToPoetry Challenge, with the prompt being Flavour.

We’re supposed to use found poetry as our model for today, but it’s late at night for me right now so I can’t do that right now! 😅

Bitterness, from the lemonade,
Freshly squeezed on a hot summer’s day.
Sweetness, from the chocolate bar,
When the working day has been too hard.
Spiciness, from the noodle bowl,
At occasions when the family comes together as a whole.
Warmth, from the wine,
When good friends come together to dine.
Coolness, from a giant ice cream cone,
For when the weather is dry as a bone.
All these flavours, coming together,
To make memories, that I’ll cherish forever.

I hope you enjoyed this!

Happy Sunday night guys, and let’s all smash the new week tomorrow!!

C x

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