Little Pleasures

Hey guys!

I’m officially more than a week through this IntroToPoetry Challenge by WordPress, and today’s prompt is Pleasure. 

Little pleasures make up the happiness in life,
A squeeze and a cuddle as you roll over in the night;
A smile that reassures you in the darkest of plights;
The smell of fresh bread when you’re walking through the street;
Walking on the beach and feeling the sand beneath your feet.
The person you love telling you how important you are;
Looking up at the sky and seeing the stars.
The smell of fresh linen, hanging on the line;
Watching the waves break, as they shimmer and shine.
Sitting in the sun, reading a book, drinking tea;
Daydreaming on a rainy day, letting your thoughts run free.
We all seek the wonders that money can purchase,
But in doing so we miss all the pleasures around us.

These are just a few things in life that make me happy, and I hope you enjoyed reading about them!

Until tomorrow

C x

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