Helllooooo again!

Day NINE of the IntroToPoetry Challenge by WordPress, and today’s prompt is Landscape.

We’ve also been encouraged to use apostrophe as the model (obviously not to be confused with the punctuation mark!).

Come, little waves, come in from the sea, 
Spread out on the sand, and tickle my feet,
You crash in, you flow out, you’re such a tease,
But that the same time, you make me feel so free.
You’re sister, the sun, shines brightly on,
And sinks down slowly, till the day is gone,
Her light shines on my face, wind blowing through my hair,
Taking away my worries, every last care.
Together your the sunset, so delicate, so perfect, 
I wait all day to see you, it’s always so worth it.

So this poem is about a sunset (obviously), which is hands down, one of my favourite things to see.

No matter where you are, who you’re with, how amazing or crap your day has gone, there will always be a sunset. Sunsets make way for new days and fresh starts… also when you get a skyline colour gradient that is on point there is literally nothing you can do to stop yourself from falling in love.

Why not take some time to watch the sunset tonight wherever you are?

C x


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