Looking forward

Hey guys! I have never ever ever posted so much in such a short amount of time before, so thank you so much for bearing with me!

Today is the last day of WordPress’s IntroToPoetry challenge for me, and the prompt is future. 

The future is something we think about constantly. From short term things such as what we’re going to have for dinner, to things in the near future (where will I go next on holiday?!), to the things in the far future… things we may not necessarily have control over, which is probably why we contemplate it so much.

I, like any other person, have worries for what the future holds for me, but, am slowly but surely learning to take life as it comes and not obsess over everything.

So, here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ about the future as my last poetry installation to WordPress for now… I’ve used a haiku as it was my favourite form of poetry I used while doing this course.


whether it be good
or if it all turns to dust
make the most of now

Thank you guys for reading my posts during the last week and a half- poetry isn’t usually my jam but I really put everything into these 10 days, I really appreciate your reading them!

Have a great weekend!

C x

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