Oodles of Noodles.

How amazing are noodles!?

That is a completely rhetorical question, because if you don’t like noodles, then I’m sorry but I cannot be friends with you.

Egg noodles; ramen; udon; rice noodles; vermicelli noodles… with soy sauce; peanut satay sauce; black bean sauce; hoisin sauce; curry sauce; chilli sauce… with vegetables; in soup; dry; loaded with meat; with tofu… honestly, the combinations are infinite, and you could literally mix and match all the ingredients in the world and you’d never have the same bowl of noodles twice.

Which was why it was incredibly lucky that I arrived in Sydney right before their Good Food Month started, and, on Thursday, I stepped off the hustly and bustly concrete of William Street and into the glorious Hyde Park, which was hosting the Night Noodle Markets, and my mouth started drooling in hunger before I even got in.

Oh. My. Days.

I love a good food festival, but seriously, being surrounded by Asian food made this the perfect night of wandering around in admiration. I was there for a good three hours with my two friends, nibbling on different delicacies and having a giggle, and best of all, sipping on Pimm’s and enjoying the sunshine!


I had a giant dumpling, choked down on Thai beef, and absolutely devoured a portion of Thai sticky rice and mango. This type of evening is what dreams are made of. 

If you’re a foodie, I would 100% recommend you jump along to these market stalls…. they’re on till the 22nd, so make it quick! 

Make sure you have money in your bank account though, you’ll end up spending more than you think because you’ll want a bite of everything! 

Happy nibbling! 

C x 

2 thoughts on “Oodles of Noodles.

  1. Okay, first of all, you are 100% adorable and I need you to take me shopping because your style is on point. Second of all, your post in adorable…the photos with your friends are so much fun! Lastly, noodles are life.


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