New challenges.

Hey guys!

So, every week I give myself a new challenge, and try and complete it until the end of the week. If I succeed, I treat myself to some ice cream… and if I don’t, well, I’m trying to do this thing where I just start again the next week, rather than beat myself up or ‘punishing’ myself for it.


So far, I’ve successfully been able to go a week with no chocolate, followed by a week of no napping during the day, and a whole week with no ice cream (which was rewarded by a large glass of red wine and a major pat on the back!


However, this week, I’ve decided to try something new… it didn’t work the first two days, but I properly started today, and really hope that I’m able to pull it through.

But first, let me give you the backstory.

Being an au pair is challenging, and you come to learn how to appreciate and make the most of the hours and days you have to yourself.

The kids I look after get up early. As in when the sun comes up, and, as an au pair, I feel like I should be watching them when they wake, even if their parents say not too. Organisational skills are key, so the quicker I get them ready to go for school drop offs, the better I feel.


Over the last few weeks, I have been using the lunchtime break I have to get to the gym, so I power walk there, smash a workout, power walk back home, have a shower, then quickly chow down some food before going to do pick up from school.

But, it always meant the only wind-down time I had was during the evening, and, during my lunchtime hours, I was never able to make the most of the daylight and go exploring the local area unless it was a weekend, and that’s only 2 days out of the entire week.


So, as of today, I am challenging myself to get up a couple of hours earlier than normal, and sacrificing my cosy roll-around-in-bed time to get up, seize the day and get to the gym.

I’m not even going to pussyfoot around what I felt after this first successful day of doing it.

I’d had breakfast, smashed a personal best and squatted more than my own bodyweight at the gym, had a shower, got the kid’s lunches sorted AND read the news, all before 8am.



I wasn’t going to write on here that I’d undertaken this challenge, but thought it would make me feel more accountable and likely to follow through.

So, watch this space, and let’s see how many days I can be proactive and get up early and make the most of my day!

Let’s see if the early bird really does catch the worm, or if it’s a myth and it ends up the most tired little birdie in the meadow instead!

C x

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