Go listen to (read) The Captain’s Speech

Hey guys!

So I’ve never really done this sort of thing before because I didn’t really know how and also didn’t know how it would go down, but honestly, if you want a blog that is entertaining, easy to read yet truthful and honest, go over to Paul at The Captain’s Speech.

My favourite posts of his are his 50 thoughts ones, where I think (?) he types the first 50 things that comes to his mind? I actually recently requested one of these because I needed a good laugh, and he kindly wrote one almost right away! (He did mention in his reply that he’d been thinking of writing a new one anyway, but we’ll ignore that and pretend I was the one who gave him the idea.)

Anyway, if you’re game for some posts about sport, some posts that make you think, and other posts that make you outright laugh, go read Paul’s.

Also check out his Insta. He looks different in every photo he’s in.

Happy reading!

C x

5 thoughts on “Go listen to (read) The Captain’s Speech

  1. Hey! Paul sent me. And then I looked over at the blogs you follow and notice that we follow just about all of the same blogs. Except for each other. So I’m about to fix that. I mean, I’m gonna follow your blog. I’m not saying you have to follow me back. Unless you want to. It’d probably be good for you if you did. I’m kind of hilarious. Some of the time.


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