Weekend adventuring 

Hey guys! 

My friend Katie is leaving soon to go back to Scotland, so we used Saturday to catch up and go and do things in Sydney that neither of us have done before.. 

First off, we went for a walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and toyed with the idea of doing the climb, but stuck to our frugal guns and paid $10 (thank you holy university god for student cards!) to climb up the spire instead, which in itself was heaps tiring, so I’m secretly glad we did that instead… and of course the fact we saved about $250 dollars each! 

When we’d had enough of the mental breeze and crazy views, we nipped back down across the bridge and walked around to the Opera House and then onto MacQuarie’s Point, where we sawnot one, but at least three weddings going on- we were even present during the moment where one particular couple said ‘I do’ to one another. 


To be fair, to get married there you’d have some pretty cracking wedding photos. Katie and I can’t get married so here’s one of us just being twins. 

We had a little picnic, complimented the kiosk barman on looking like a young Jude Law, and continued on our way- not before being little cheapskates as usual and getting some free information on the Botanic Gardens by casually standing next to the little train that takes tourists round the park. 

Did you know there are more than 200 entrances to the Botanic Gardens in Sydney? No? Well now you do! 

Unfortunately, as she works in hospitality, Katie couldn’t have dinner with me and went back to Bondi to start her evening shift. But I was craving Asian food so topped off the day with some ramen with my friend Harriet. ( no photos to show, I’m afraid, I forgot and only remembered after I’d finished the entire thing.) I can confirm that it was delicious though. 

With Sunday came more sunshine and my friend Mairi and I caught the bus off to Palm Beach.

Yep, the 13 year old inside me was shrieking with excitement at the prospect of going and seeing Summer Bay… I was a die hard Home and Away fan when I was young and would watch it after school every day. I’m talking about the days when Chris Hemsworth was on it though! 

The bus journey took aaaagggeeees but such is the price you must pay when you are 23 years old and still don’t have a driver’s license! 

We had a pretty chill day, but were thoroughly taken aback by the effort it actually took to do the lighthouse walk. So much sweat. So many steps. But so worth it! 

We didn’t stay too long at Palmie- the sun was mega roasting and my skin would’ve stared peeling had we laid out on the sand for much longer, but there you go- another day, another place to visit ticked off the list! 

Ps, I would recommend the seafood basket at Dunes Restaurant- it was bomb and we left as happy customers. 


C x 

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