Being bold can pay off.

Hey guys!

What a week it’s been!

I’ve been incredibly busy settling into my new surroundings, and my Personal Training course finally commenced so, hopefully in about 6 months time, I will be a fully qualified PT, and I’ll finally be able to start on the journey to helping other people on their journey to a happy mind and therefore healthy body.

What I wanted to talk about today though, is not of this new course, as I’m sure you will be getting unit-by-unit updates on that while I go along with it, but rather, how beneficial it is to yourself if you just be bold. 

Lol, see what I did there? Used the word bold and had it in bold font. 


Too many people out there want to be able to take the first step in reaching a certain goal or milestone, or even just take a chance and do something crazy that may ultimately be the best thing they’ve ever done, but the problem with human beings is that we worry over the risks and potential pitfalls of our actions too much. I’m no different to you, I do it too.

We tell ourselves that we’ll take that step when we have more time to focus on it; or when we have more money; but then 20 or 30 years go by and all you’re left with are your thoughts on what could have been. 

As Robert Frost said, ‘Freedom lies in being bold’, so, if there is something that you want to do, just go for it. 

If I had waited until I actually had enough money to do so, I wouldn’t be halfway across the world from my home country right now, having the greatest adventure of my life so far. If I had muddled for days and then weeks (and probably ultimately decided against) whether or not to begin my PT course, I’d probably be going off home to the UK in 2018, unqualified, and back to a waitressing job that I’d get comfortable in and never leave. Hey, I might go home qualified and never ever do anything with it, but at least I took that step and I’m preapring myself right?

After a week of taking it easy and not worrying too much about money, I kind of had a freak out on Friday after my gym session about the likelihood of me being able to find a new job, so as I sat having my post-workout protein ball and coffee fix at my favourite cafe, I just thought ‘fuck it.’ 

I waited until the waiter came over to take my empty mug of coffee away, and asked him in his native Spanish – ‘You’re not hiring staff right now are you?’ To be honest, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’s just walked away laughing. I’d just spent an hour in the gym rowing as if my life depended on it and had chugged the coffee I’d bought like a camel at an oasis and also chucked the entire protein ball into my mouth and accidentally caught another waitress’s eye while I was trying to chow down on it… wouldn’t have hired me.

But we chatted for a while, and he took my details to give to his manager, and to be honest, having worked in hospitality for the last 8 years, I know how the system works and didn’t think much about what I had done because I knew that my details had a chance of never even making it to the manager (or being given a second thought if he did get them) and I really didn’t want to get my hopes up, or get too invested in a job that might not even happen. I was, however, grateful that he had at least talked to me and not shouted ‘criatura de la laguna negra!!’ before grabbing my mug and running.

However, an hour later I received a text asking if I was available to go for an interview the next morning, and today, I had a two hour trial shift that, if all has gone well, will turn into a paid position.

Now, I’m not saying everything goes this way all the time. When I first arrived in Sydney I asked for a job in an art shop, and the manager I spoke to was so smiley and kind I thought for sure I’d scored myself a weekend job, only to never hear form her again.


But you never ever know if you’ll get something you want until you at least try. 

If you want something, f*** the haters. F*** your bank balance (to a certain extent, please don’t go crazy and get yourself in a magnificent amount of debt and blame it on me xoxo) and then just see what happens. You might fail miserably, in which case you know not to do it again.

Or you might get what you want. In which case you can say thank you to me while you’re living happily ever after.

Don’t be scared. Be bold.

C x

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