Week 1- Colour challenge

Hey guys!

So this was my first mini-project, and the theme of the week was colours. I took either one or a couple of photographs each day, focusing on a specific colour, and it was interesting not only to see that the majority of my life is centred around a few of the same colours (as in it took a while to think of things some of the days), but also how hard it is to capture what we see with our eyes through a camera lens.

I know, there is no better camera than the one in our retinas, but we can still try can’t we?

Here are this week’s takings:


This is a silly one. So Monday was red, and, do you ever feel the amount of frustration that comes along with seeing a corner of this red b***** poking out from your mailbox? I was in the house ALL DAY and didn’t hear anyone knock a single time, but I still had to trek all the way to the post office to get my watch. Grrr….


This here is a little piece of the giant rug that dominates the living room where I live. I asked the owner of the house for its backstory, and she said ‘There isn’t much to it, it’s been here forever.’

Now, as I know it, the couple that I live with have been in this house for the best part of 30 years, and to me, there is nothing more striking to my imagination than what this rug has seen in the last three decades. I can imagine members of their family standing on it, yelling at each other back in the 80’s when they were teenagers. Wine being spilled or sloshed on it, year after year during social gatherings. Paint being dripped on it by their grandchildren. Mud being trailed in from outside after a rainy spring day. A thousand different memories, all on this one rug.


Another little silly one. Mr OneBigStressball is kind of worryingly addicted to watermelon. When we were first dating and I needed to make sure I had things in my cupboard for his breakfast, I used to nip down to Tesco and buy a mini-watermelon and he would scoff the whole thing himself in the morning. I know. I’ve never really liked them, then my step-granny made me eat about 5 when I visited my dad and his family in Bulgaria this summer, so now I can tolerate them. Bonus points if they’re seedless.


With Tuesday came yellow, and, although I didn’t capture it accurately, I wanted to share what I see form my studying spot every day, through the door. There’s a little window that lets in a shaft of light from outside to the hallway, and, as the day goes on, the yellow shade gets darker and darker until someone turns the light on and the artificial yellow illuminates the hall instead.


With Wednesday came green, and I took to the verandah to let you guys see what I see on a daily basis. Yeah I know, leaves. Original right? But the house I live in is literally surrounded by foliage, and I love it. It’s like living in a Hansel and Gretel- type cottage. Except without the witch and the eating of human children etc.


Thursday was pink day, and I didn’t have an awful lot of time to try and think of something cool to photograph so…. I give you the two things I see every morning from my bed that fill me with gratitude. My little pink sneakers get me from A to B, sometimes on a walk, sometimes through exercising… all I know is that I wear them at some point most days and I love them and they go with everything and they’re super comfortable. And pink.
My suitcase (a lil’ Primark number I bought myself a couple of years back) has travelled with me to Spain, France, Bulgaria, and other places in Europe, and the last trip we took together was all the way from the UK to here, Australia. She’s looking a bit worse for wear (probably because of all the times I’ve tried to fill her with an obscene amount of clothes and souvenirs) but I’m hoping she’ll last me a few more adventures!


Friday was brown day! I made the most of this day to capture what embodies the household in which I live the most. The older couple I live with own a farm up near the Blue Mountains, and it’s a nut farm, so there are hundreds of these bad boys in bowls all over the house. Decorative and delicious.

Saturday was blue day, and I kind of cheated because as you can see, these are white and blue. But I absolutely love bone China. Not in a creepy way, or in a ‘rich bitch needs her china to be stored safely or she’ll have a screaming fit’ kind of way, but I find the intricacies and detail within the illustrations so amazing. The house I live in has a huge amount of china, but after touching these two pieces to take a photo, I got too worried about dropping something that I quickly put everything back and breathed a sigh of relief because I didn’t owe anyone an obscene amount of money for damaging their goods.


The last colour of the week was purple! My favourite colour! I was at work and saw the chef chopping up a cabbage and remember thinking to myself ‘Cabbages look so weird when they’re being cut up.’ They kind of remind me of snowflakes in the sense that they’ll all be unique and individual… my guess is no matter how many cabbages you cut up the swirly colours inside will always have a different pattern. (That is a guess. If you’re a cabbage expert and know otherwise, let me know and I’ll retract my statement.)

So there we have it guys! My first 7 day challenge with my humble and old yet extremely durable camera. (I dropped it a couple of times by accident and it’s survived so kudos to it, my phone would have smashed into a gazillion pieces.)

It’s been surprisingly difficult to find things to photograph when having specific guidelines to follow, even with something as simple as colours, but I did it! One challenge down, let’s see what the next week will bring me!

C x

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