Late to the game. Not ashamed at all 🤙🏼

Hey guys!

I know, I know, it’s the 12th of January and I’ve not posted in ages and I should’ve done a post closer to New Years and talked about this year’s goals and yadda yadda… and honestly, don’t get me wrong, I loved reading other people’s posts about what they’re doing for themselves this year, and I am totally supportive of anyone taking on 2018 full force.

But Mr OneBigStressball travelled to come and see me all the way from Scotland, and it’s been non-stop sightseeing and travelling since his arrival.

After having not seen each other for just over 3 months, being reunited at the airport was emotional, to say the least.

I waited at the airport for about 2 hours (excited and extremely worried I’d miss him) and when I finally saw his wee Christmas jumper walking through Arrivals, my heart started beating so hard. It was kind of weird- I was excited to see him but also so nervous… as if I was waiting for a first date to arrive.

The last 18 days have certainly been a rush of laughter, fun and drinking (seriously we’ve not gone one day without drinking alcohol and I’m kinda proud/equally as disgusted at the two of us) and I wanted to share with you guys some photo highlights before rushing into telling everyone what my goals for this year are.

So, although I’ve been here a few months, I left a lot of the super-touristy stuff for us to do together. First off was obviously the Sydney Opera House. I’d be the worst tour guide if I’d left that one out! Also, power boating our way round Sydney’s harbour was definitely a good way of shaking off the travelling dust he’d accumulated from 20+hours on the plane!

We made the most of Happy Hour deals (I downloaded an app that tells you the best deals going on around your area- find it here) and that way we were able to save some money by buying $5 wines that usually cost $9-11.

Balmoral Beach was insanely lush the day that we decided to go and paddle board… the water was more than 20 degrees which meant falling in wasn’t as painful as it would have been in Scotland, and apparently I’m a natural at stand-up paddle boarding! Wins all round! Though I did crash into a boat. 🙄

Being tourists, we couldn’t not go and walk along the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but being skint meant we couldn’t do the actual bridge climb. Never fear! We decided the pylon would be a good substitute, and with student discount, we got a fiver off the price yay! (Spent it on a Caramello Koala though- no regrets, it was delish.) Climbing the pylon is good for filling time cheaply, and the views are pretty spectacular! It was a day in which I hadn’t planned for us to do much other than meet my friend Mhairi for drinks, so it was perfect for learning a bit about the city as well as just ambling around The Rocks and taking in the history within the hustle and bustle of the Sydney CBD. The Happiest Hour app came to or rescue again, and, as we waited for a margarita deal to start, we settled at a pub and ordered a basket of $1 chicken wings. Yeah. You read that correctly. The chicken wings were one dollar.
We got giant margaritas and free sombreros for less than ten bucks just across the road, and finally Mhairi caught up with us and we sipped on bubbly and beer in one of Sydney’s most renowned clubs (said the bouncer.)

Then came adventure day! We got up so so so early (🙄) and caught god knows how many busses until we got to a place called Long Bay, and it apparently was a quiet day, because only three members of another family joined us and we went on an underwater scooter experience! The other family were from Mauritius but had Asian heritage so our group photo just looks like Ian has latched onto a family day out. 👀

New Year’s Eve was spent in Victoria Park, and in the day we went to Bondi Beach. I only did it because he had to see Bondi and it was the only way I’d be able to fit it into his trip. Finding a place to lay your stuff down on Bondi during a public holiday is a mission. Don’t do it to yourselves.

The first few days of 2018 were spent in Brisbane, but I’ll do a whole post on that in the near future… the main point here in these photos is I GOT TO HOLD A KOALA BABY AND WE FED SOME KANGAROOS!!! 💜💜 also Ian turned 23 which was also important.

Yesterday was Ian’s last day, and we slept in. By we I mean I refused to get out of bed, and my slept in I mean we didn’t move from the room till about 10am, which is highly unusual for me. BUT. I was still able to drag him out and Otto a three hour train to see the Three Sisters, up in the Blue Mountains, which had come highly recommended, so we may not have got a whole lot of time there, but I still fulfilled my tour guide duties and got him there!

Having the absolute light of my life flying more than 10,000 miles (on Christmas Day no less) to visit me is one of the most amazing things that has happened to me. Of course some of it was hard. I spent so much time worrying about money and if I was going to survive till his departure (I haven’t worked throughout his entire visit so I wasn’t receiving an income) but the thing is, as long as I was spending time with him, that was all I needed. Just holding someone’s hand and walking down the street is so underrated. I am so lucky to have someone who makes me laugh no matter what and supports any crazy idea that I have (within reason), and now that I’ve just dropped him off at the airport, I’m more than a little bit heartbroken.

I have resolutions this year. All of them important, but none more so than trying to make Mr OneBigStressball as happy as he makes me.

Have a fabulous weekend guys!

C x

P.s, this post lasted a lot longer than I thought it would so my next one will 100% be dedicated to my 2018 resolutions.

4 thoughts on “Late to the game. Not ashamed at all 🤙🏼

  1. Wow! So happy for u that u got to spend christmas and New Years with someone u love! While reading your post, i feel like i was living viariously through u haha. Mustve been soo exciting seeing your guy coming through the gates at the airport! I can imagine the feeling. Glad it was a good holiday for u. And kudos to u for finding that happy hour app 😉👌

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