Podcasts are the new playlists. 

Hey guys!

So, the house I live in right now is a 40 minute walk to my nearest gym… I say nearest but I mean my nearest Jetts gym, which I will always be loyal to for as long as I’m living in Australia. It is my happy place and that will never change.

So, that means, in a week, with walking to and from the gym, that’s approximately 9 hours of headphone time that I have to fill with good music. And that isn’t including the time I spend in the gym working out!

Which is easy enough, of course. With Spotify, there’s no shortage of music, from all the eras you could think of, and to find something new to listen to every day is not difficult at all.

I’ve been through them all.

I relived my childhood listening to Aqua; I channelled my inner Britney; and I’ve been Vogue-ing with Madonna with an attitude I didn’t even know I had. I also cried a river with JT, and tried to live on a prayer with Bon Jovi.



It got to a point where I found I wasn’t really listening to the music at all. It eventually became noise that I had on in the background so I could drown out the traffic and have at least a little distraction during the long and arduous walk up the gigantic hill to the gym in 40 degree heat.

I actually listened to Calvin Harris’s (Adam’s) newest album the whole way through and, because I hadn’t put the album on repeat, it jut stopped after the last song. AND I DIDN’T EVEN REALISE THAT IT WAS TOTAL SILENCE FOR AGES!

So, I decided I had to do something more useful to fill up the time that I had every day on the way to and from the gym.

Sooooo the answer came in the form of PODCASTS!

I found one that I really like- The Guilty Feminist and I’ve almost caught up to the latest episode. (It’s been going on for more than a year… maybe even two to be honest, and so there has been looooaaads to catch up on!)


The thing is- and I don’t know how much judgement I’ll receive for this- I don’t like watching the news.

It’s depressing; it’s scary; and to be honest, what good is actually truly happening in our world right now? Trump? Absolute clown. Brexit? Absolute joke.

However, I do feel, that through The Guilty Feminist, I am able to stay up to date with current events, as well as hear other points of view- whether it be in a serious or a comedic way.

And, I have to say, I have been listening to the podcast and started to build my own opinions about things, and it’s been incredibly interesting discussing different topics with Mr OneBigStressball and seeing where we both stand on different issues. So far there hasn’t been an argument… so far.


I’ve also been listening to other podcasts in the form of language lessons and consolidation, as I am absolutely petrified that I will end up forgetting my French and Spanish… and that would just be a waste of all the thousands of pounds I spent at University wouldn’t it!?

Poscasts are engaging. You actually listen to what’s being said rather than have the music as white noise in the background, and, as I have been with the language podcasts- you can learn new things every single day without realising it!

I do like music, don’t get me wrong, but for me, it usually is used as white noise in the background, to keep the overbearing boom of silence at bay and allow me to focus on something else when I’m not feeling myself.

But with podcasts it’s an entirely different experience.

When I run and listen to a podcast, I find that time passes quicker, and why that is is simple really.

One song= 3-4 minutes.

One podcast episode = ?? minutes

So, when I’m walking to the gym or out on a run and I listen to music, then each song is a sort of gauge for me as to how long I’ve been running or how far I’ve gone, whereas with podcasts, as long as I don’t look at my phone, I don’t know how long I’ve been going for, and because I’m concentrating on what the presenters are saying, I end up neglecting to tink about the time I’ve actually been going for… perfect for trying to up your mileage game!


My advice here is, very simply…if there is a topic you’re interested in but really cba reading about or using the internet to research, then a podcast is your new best pal. They’re free and available through so many different channels, and you never know… through trial and error and listening to a range of different podcasts, you may find your new passion!

Happy listening!

C x

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