The world through my eyes.

Hey guys!

So remember last month when I started getting into my photography?

Well, (don’t worry, I’ve not backed out of it) I decided that photography quite often means having a heck of a lot of photographs built up on your camera, and you can’t really show them off to people unless you force them to sit and look at a little screen whilst you scroll through pictures you (sometimes) go to ridiculous lengths to capture…


Today I waited till there were no cars and ran to the middle of a roundabout to get some pictures of some flowers because they were too beautiful to ignore. 


Some of you already follow my personal Instagram account, y’know, where I post pictures of me having a fabulous time in Australia even though the heat makes me feel like I’m dying a slow death and I miss my family so much it hurts my heart so maybe I am actually dying a slow death?! (kind of jks, I’m having a good time, a lot of shit just keeps happening is all.) 

A couple of days ago I started a new Instagram, where I put photographs that are not posed, not taken with the intention of putting online, but merely taken as something that I’ve noticed during my days out, that strike me as beautiful, yet simple enough to overlook if you’re not paying attention.

Yes, there is already a photo of Mr OneBigStressball on there, but in fairness, he didn’t know I was taking it, AND he’s so beautiful I want to burst into tears all the time. 


This new account is also good because I can spam my own feed with loads of photography pics (landscape pictures make me tear up but calm me at the same time I don’t know why?) without clogging my day-to-day account and feed with just landscapes… because photography is beautiful and all, but sometimes it’s nice to scroll through a feed littered with memes, stills from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and stories about what celebs are doing. You get me?

What I’m saying is, if you follow me on normal Instagram, which is linked through this website in general, thank you very much, I will try and follow back! (If you hate the account, SOZ but I can’t please everyone can I?!) If you’re interested in seeing some other things I find interesting, and take photos of through a real camera and not just my phone, give @seeingthebeautifulinthesimple a try!


Enjoy the rest of your week, my lovelies!

C x


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