Bad Habits

Hey guys!

Anyone got any bad habits?

I do! I do! raising_hand

Some are little:

  • I eat cheese knowing full well I’m lactose intolerant and just deal with it when my stomach starts to hurt. My mum didn’t raise a quitter and I ain’t giving up pizza for anything. 
  • I talk through movies because I am absolutely incapable of keeping my big gob shut, so if you think you can quietly enjoy a film with no-one bitching about the characters or pointing out plot holes and continuity mistakes then I’m not the one you want to watch it with… unless we’re actually at the movies. Because manners.
  • I’m always late. I don’t even mean it. Truly. I used to be super punctual and early to most things but then living in Spain for 8 months undid all my hard work and now I consider it a miracle if I get to a destination within half an hour of when I was due to arrive.
  • I sniff a lot. I have no idea why this is. I basically always have a permanent cold throughout winter and then summer hits and my body is all like ewwwwww we don’t like pollen and then my  nose continues to run because of hayfever. So basically, I’ve constantly got a runny nose, and because I haven’t ever gotten into the habit of buying tissues, I just sniff a lot until I come across some hankies I can use to blow my nose with. Is this gross? God, I might have even shattered the glass** for Mr OneBigStressball now…
  • I pick at my face. Again, not something I know the origins of, but I have noticed in recent years that if I’m nervous or particularly anxious about something I’ll pick at the little spots on my face. woman-shrugging_1f937-200d-2640-fe0f.png I’ve been trying really hard to stop this though, because I know how bad it is for my skin, and I’m kind of sick of being 23 years old and still having a rubbish complexion?

Some habits are bigger than these, and they annoy me so much I can’t even explain to you guys properly.

  • I’ll wake up really early a lot of mornings, eat breakfast, then go back to bed! I have zero idea if anyone else does this, but eating makes me feel really sleepy, so even if I get out of my bed super ready for the day ahead, it can totally change after breakfast if I even sit down on the sofa. Give me 5 minutes and I’ll be able to doze off.
  • Any form of transport makes me fall asleep instantly. I’ll get on a plane, and be snoozing before it takes off, and only be awoken by the jolting of the plane landing at its final destination. I’ll go on a road trip, and I guarantee the car will barely even be on the motorway and my eyes will be drooping and I’ll struggle to keep a conversation going. (This happened on a trip that Mr OneBigStressball and I once took *ahem, I forced him on* and I felt terribly guilty because it was a five hour drive!) Same with trains. The rocking motion is way too relaxing- it literally lulls me to sleep like a physical lullaby. Is there a cure for this? Am I destined to never watch a full movie on a long-haul flight because I’ve drifted off midway through it?giphy-4.gif
  • I hate being wrong. Which is fine, because I’m always right anyway,

Do you guys have any bad habits? It’s really really difficult to change them into good habits, because they’ve just become something you’re so used to doing that you don’t even really realise it’s happening.

It’s come to the point where I’ve stopped apologising way too much for being late to things, because they naughty little part of me is like sorry man, you knew it was going to happen anyway, and I set my alarm for an hour before I really need to leave the house so that if I really fancy a week post-breakfast nap, it is totally doable.

The cheese thing- I know it’s never going to end. No one will be able to make me quit it, and I will challenge anyone who doesn’t think a glass of wine, some crackers and a massive slab of cheddar can cure most of life’s daily worries.***

But the thing is- hard as it seems, habits can change. I know that if it really came to a point where I had to stay awake for a whole journey- whether that be by chugging coffee by the gallon load or by doing what Tom used to do in Tom and Jerry and sticking toothpicks in my eyes to keep them open (not as morbid and gross as it sounds- YouTube it)- then I will be able to do it.

I used to be a nail biter. I was a super anxious kid, and also my dad did it, so, I guess with a combination of being nervous and shy and then trying to copy things that my dad did, I became a hard-core, nail biting fiend who would chew and chew at her nails till they bled. Gross right? It took years of my mother yelling at me, of being incredibly jealous of people who could paint their fingernails and three bottles of that foul smelling concoction that you paint onto your nails to stop you biting them, to make me realise that it’s actually not a very nice thing to do, and maybe I should stop. Now, I look back and it makes me feel a bit weirded out. Nail biting is eating yourself. And I did it for years.


Am I technically a cannibal?!

Everyone has bad habits. Some gross; some annoying; some cringeworthy; some a bit weird, yadda yadda, but, once you make the commitment to stop doing those things, you find out you really are capable of doing exactly what you put your mind to.

I am trying to change these things that I do, especially the smaller things. I’ve been making a conscious effort to carry tissues around with me everywhere so I don’t need to sniff, and also taking antihistamines every so often to help with the hayfever. AND I’ve been trying my absolute hardest to eat breakfast right before I leave the house in the morning because then there’s no chance I’ll be able to nap! Small victories and all that!

** shattering the glass… a How I Met Your Mother reference, not going to explain it if you don’t get it, just watch the damn series, it’s great.

***I do not condone anyone else eating things that their tummy is sensitive to. I do eat cheese. But in amounts that allow me to enjoy it without completely doubling up in pain and not all the time. Except when I’m drunk. Then I will eat all the cheese and be sick all of the next day. Don’t do it, kids.

C x


5 thoughts on “Bad Habits

  1. Yes Blend! I wake up, eat a meal, and then go back to sleep too! Food makes me tired. This whole “food gives you energy” is the biggest farce in the world. I’ve never experienced such a thing. And don’t ever give up pizza. It’s too good.

    I have this weird habit where I have to go wash my hands after I’ve used a pencil or newsprint or even touched something smelly. I don’t want to call it OCD because who likes the smell of those things on their hands in the first place, right? Right…?

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