What a welcome home!

Hey guys!

So, as you all know, I came back to Scotland at the beginning of the week, and what a mental week it’s been!

(Not in terms of doing stuff, I’ve literally been the least productive person ever and didn’t even get out of bed yesterday until midday, which, for those who have been reading the blog for a while now, will understand is unheard of for me.)


Nope. It has been a mental week because the great big Beast from the East* hit Europe the day I landed on British soil, and our amber weather warning quickly escalated into a red warning, and everything has shut down. 

It is actually pretty amusing to see what happens to Britain when we get some snow. Granted, this storm was pretty bad, but seriously, places like Russia and Canada must look at us and scoff at our panic when we experience what they must consider a light flurry of snow.

Our local Co-Op ran out of milk and bread, and people have actually been panic buying and stocking up on milk, bread, tinned soup and cereal.


The country got told to avoid going outside, and to completely abandon any plans of driving anywhere, and buses all got reduced to Sunday service. Apart from the gym and one cabin-fever-induced walk, we’ve barely left the house ourselves, resorting to napping, reading, binge watching Friends and snacking our days away.

Not to mention going through at least two litres of tea each a day in a bid to stay warm.


There are upsides to snow days though. Mr OneBigStressball got told to stay home and not bother going into the office soooooo that meant extra days before the weekend that he could spend with me after having been apart for so long. Winner winner, chicken dinner. Since I’ve not got a job yet and there is no chance of me finding anything when employers themselves can’t make it into their workplace, I am definitely making the most of being able to stay snuggled under blankets all day long.

C x

*The Beast from the East was the name given to the storms that were raging across Europe, and, combined with storm Emma, brought our entire country to a halt.

7 thoughts on “What a welcome home!

  1. How much snow are you guys expected to get, exactly? I’ve seen at least 3-4 bloggers mentioning they’ve run out of bread and it makes me laugh every time because bread is the last thing I’d think about getting if I were to be stuck in a house for a few days.

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      1. “Loo roll” ahahahah sorry, we call it toilet paper and it never sounds that exciting.

        I guess we don’t stock up on bread unless we have stuff to make a sandwich with it. I think people here are more likely to order a big pizza and save the leftovers lol but then again we never really go through the whole “a storm is coming, raid the store” thing that often.

        40cm!!!! That’s nuts, Blend.


    1. Sorry, premature message ‘send’. 😉
      Wanted to say that as a Canadian living in France, I can see both sides of how crippling the snow is here when it makes an (unexpected) appearance — and how ridiculous the 5cm that blocks people inside appears to Canadians!

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