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Hey guys!

This week has been a bit of a roller coaster to say the least.

I almost walked out on my job mid-shift because I couldn’t deal with working with disrespectful people anymore, but Mr OneBigStressball was able to talk me out of doing so, gently reminding me about bills and rent that I have to pay at the start of next month etcetera etcetera.


On the same night I learned my brother got an unconditional for a University he applied for (people who know us personally will know this is a huge deal because my brother has so far gained one qualification in his entire high school life).

I also got some fantastic news in the sense that I am finally qualified enough to be able to start working within a gym and building my client base, which is the start of a new chapter for me, as I can slowly but surely start cutting down the hours I do at the pub, and transition into the career and life I want for myself. This news coincided with the arrival of my swanky new business cards, which I’ll be able to start handing out to businesses and advertise myself as a Personal Trainer!


Ups come with downs however, and today my dad went in for an operation on his gall bladder. A minor surgery in comparison to many others, but my dad hasn’t really looked after himself in the last 30 odd years, so having him go under the knife was worrying in itself. All is good though, he’s had about 50 little stones removed from his body, but he’s awake and cracking cringey dad jokes already, much to the disdain of my stepmother.

As I was sitting in the study this morning, looking out the window and procrastinating on getting started on my newest client’s exercise program, I thought about the turbulent and unpredictable nature of this thing we call life. One minute we can be right down at rock bottom, tripping over every stone and piece of dirt that comes our way, and chewing our fingernails down to the quick with worry about what the future will bring us, but something can happen that can lift us right away from the darkness and give us a glimmer of hope into what will come.

Instead of rambling on and on like I normally do, I just wanted to share with you all a poem that I found recently, that really spoke to me.

It’s about the journey that everyone must take through life. Because what is life without this journey? You’d be stagnant, lost, and forever wondering what you could be doing, rather than actually going ahead and doing it. It’s about not knowing exactly what route to take, but, through hard work, determination, and sometimes pure luck, we’ll get there. Yes, sometimes we will stray off the path and run into trouble- I am 24 years old and broke as shit, you don’t do that by purely making good choices- but in the end you’ll get yourself to where you need to be.



Your journey starts here it starts now
Your future is in your hands and know one shows you how
To make it, unfold, and have it turn out what you want it to be
Not anybody, not me
Take it a step at a time
Even if your plans are stopped on a dime
Be careful, and listen, learn from your mistakes
Because one day you’ll advance on the choices you make
Your future is here, your future is now
But don’t worry, you’ll show yourself how.

– Matthew Miller


C x

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