Fully fledged PT, at your service.

Hey guys!


I finally got my dream job and am working as a Personal Trainer in Edinburgh, and I am completely over the m o o n !


This has been my goal for the last year and a half, and it has taken time, money (that I still owe people) and a lot of hard work, but it has paid off and I got to start my first shift as a member of staff at PureGym Exchange Crescent in Edinburgh.

Shoutout to any Scottish readers on here, and if you want to, come down and say hi!

Here’s a quick rundown of what being a PT entails:

So, to be a staff member at Pure Gym, there are 2 options:

  1. You can pay a set amount of money each month and that becomes your ‘rent’ in a sense that you can take your clients to that particular gym and use the facilities and equipment to carry out sessions


2. You can work 15 hours for free a week for them, taking classes, inductions etc, and            that is counted as the ‘rent’ in a way.

Being completely lacking in any funds whatsoever to even think about being freelance right now, I decided the best thing to do would be to do the classes, which, to be honest, allows me to engage with more members and therefore hopefully gain new clients.

So, being the new kid on the block, I got given the shifts that other people don’t like.

The early morning ones.

Which, for me, is actually the best shift, because sack having to work midway through the day, because that means having to motivate yourself to go to work earlier than need be to get other stuff done!

My alarm clock buzzed at 4:50am this morning, and I dragged my tired ass into the lounge and tried to wake myself up with a cup of tea. To be honest I shouldn’t have been so tired, I went to bed reeeeaaaallllyyyy early to prepare my body for waking up when half my friends are only just falling asleep. I ate my rice cakes, made myself presentable for seeing other human beings, and walked to work.

That woke me up.

Scotland is not the warmest of places, so the deceivingly sunny weather brought with it an icy breeze which made my teeth chatter and my body shock itself to attention.


Tuesday mornings are jam-packed with classes. I’d barely gotten through an hour of my shift when I was thrown into three classes back-to-back. A circuits class, a spin class, and an abs class. Followed by 45 minutes break where I had to do some tidying, then a weight loss induction and a legs, bums and tums class.


It’s a lot to do first thing on a Tuesday morning, but damn, the shift goes by quickly!

I had so much fun.

Taking classes is so motivational- not just for the members because it comes pretty naturally to me to bound around being positive and egging other people on, but it’s incredible to see 30+ people turn up at 6:45 in the morning to get their asses kicked in the gym.

I was a little sneaky in the fact that Mr OneBigStressball is now training for a triathlon, which means he had me change his fitness program. I did it in such a way that his cycling day just happens to be on a Tuesday. The day I take spin class.


So he basically has no choice but to come to my class and give me emotional support. No matter how easy or difficult the class is, it’s always nice to see a handsome (he just came and wrote that on here) familiar face amongst a group of people who hate me because I’m making them do sprint intervals on their bikes.

Cycle is also one of the only classes where you’re really supposed to take part in the session as well as coach it, so I knew that even if I worked myself into exhaustion- cycling is not my favourite activity- then Mr OneBigStressball would be there to catch me should the sudden event of a swooning occur.

A lady booked in for a Weight Loss Induction, during which I was left to my own devices, and I’ve got to say, there may be a good chance she’s going to sign up and be a temporary client to train with me for the month that she’s going to be in the city before moving back to India.

Not bad for a first day!

Shifts are 5 hours long, so mine finished at 11am, after which I went home and had ‘lunch.’ It’s weird getting up so early. By the time noon has come round you’ve had three meals already and still feel hungry!


Weekly team meetings are at 2pm on a Tuesday, so, I trotted back into the gym a little bit beforehand to float on the gym floor and interact with members.

I’m not going to lie. Getting up at 4:50 in the morning is not easygoing. But I did it!

I squeezed in a little workout of my own after the team meeting, and I went home feeling so elated that I’d completed a day in the job I’ve been after for so long. And this was a day without clients! I truly believe that if I had more clients, I’d be even more pleased with myself and feel even more productive than I did today… not to mention the fact my entire working day lasted 9 hours and it was still only the middle of the afternoon!

I know I usually post on Sundays, but I feel like I’m bursting with joy, and just wanted to share my day with you!

Enjoy the rest of your day wherever you are!

C x

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