Hey guys!

I’m back again from a mini-hiatus!

This is the last time I’ll do it without telling you guys, I swear. I didn’t even mean to go on a break! You know when you put something off and procrastinate for so long and then suddenly it’s 6 weeks later and you still haven’t done the thing and you’re like ‘oh shit, should’ve done that when I thought of it the first time.’ ? I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s happened to!

Fresh Oops Meme chrissy teigen talked about why she made that cringe face

So what’s been going on with you guys? Give me the low down- all the goss!

In the last month or so, I have:

  • almost died from this damned heatwave that has swept through the UK (I say heatwave, I believe my readers from abroad will call this ‘summer’) but loved every second of the mugginess and scorching heat as I’d take being too hot over being too cold any day.
  • put into motion a new project I’m working on, and hopefully I’ll be able to live out my dream of being a published author sometime in the near future!
  • done a terrible thing and switched loyalties. After being a proud owner of an Apple iPhone since 2013 and swearing by the things, I have now switched to a Samsung, and I have to say, it’s a strong contender for future purchases.
  • stood up underneath a barbell, giving myself concussion and gone into hospital- the whole time thinking I was going to die. (I did not. I am still alive, but still have a tender bump on the top of my head.)
  • learned how to play no-drink driving Mario Kart, which got me drunk in less than an hour and a half… it is a BRUTAL pre-drinking game. I did not make it on the night out, I went to bed soon after the games ended. Does anyone else know of this game?
  • Gotten mild food poisoning from eating a half dozen oysters on my mum’s birthday. It’s almost put me off oysters. Almost.

Of course, I’ve been out of touch with you guys for so long, a bagillion other things have happened, but my post would be too long and boring if I were to list them all, so there you go, the main things to have happened recently.

I guess I didn’t blog so much because I’ve been focusing so hard on getting my businesses off the ground. People tell you that running your own business is hard, but you never really know the stresses of it until you have to do it for yourself. Hours and hours of grafting; emails and texts that constantly need replied to; trying to stay positive even when you feel incredibly disheartened and have zero money in your bank account. It’s grim.


I know I’d hate anything else though. I like making my own working hours, and I enjoy the freedom of having days to myself and being able to enjoy the weather while office workers are still sitting at their desks. I enjoy not having to answer to anyone else, or serving food to rude people, or dealing with drunken customers, or getting home at a ridiculous hour because I’ve had to stay late at the pub. I am wrapped up in my bed cosy and snug by 10pm most evenings and it’s amazing.

I look at my bank account sometimes and feel like I’ve made the biggest mistake in the world, but to be honest, I go to work and I feel like I was meant to do what I do. I love the feeling of being in the gym. Of helping others achieve their goals and seeing them push themselves to the limit. And there is no greater feeling than when a client smashes their goals and can move on to bigger and better ones. It is truly rewarding.


So, I hereby promise to keep y’all updated in what’s happening… there are exciting things coming up! I don’t feel like there’s going to be another break from blogging very soon, but any future breaks will be mentioned to you in advance. I am truly lucky to have all of you as my readers, and I hope the break hasn’t been too long!

Love you all

Have a beautiful Sunday!

C x


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