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‘Tis the Season of Indulgence

Hi guys!

It’s December again!

I can’t believe it’s been 10 months since I got back from Australia – the time has just flown by, but it also feels like my trip to Aus was a lifetime ago! I look back on my pictures sometimes and it’s scary how different a person I was even just at the beginning of this year, and how much I’ve grown up and become my own person in the time that I’ve been living in Edinburgh!

Now, with December comes indulgence. It’s the month where people tend to overindulge on the chocolates, wine, bubbly, and mince pies, and everyone has a ‘Fuck it, it’s Christmas‘ mentality that seems to take one day of celebrations and turn it into an entire month of partying. I’m not saying I’m immune to this way of thinking during December – I’m a personal trainer, but I have the same amount of willpower as a normal person. Dark mornings and even darker afternoons and evenings during a Scottish winter makes for difficult curbing of bad food habits and copious drinking of alcoholic beverages (I tried a hot apple toddy the other day and it might be my new favourite drink of all time, just saying.)

Just last weekend, I finished working at around 1pm, and dashed off to the supermarket to buy a Christmas tree for the flat. I hauled the whole thing home by myself, along with a box filled with hundreds of baubles and decorations, and swiftly began to decorate the thing with a glass of wine next to me. This prompted my flatmate to give me a reminder of the time of day it was (4:15pm) and snigger at my wine drinking, and, though I felt momentarily embarrassed, I reminded myself that it’s not everyday I get to decorate a Christmas tree, and heck, I’d worked during a Saturday, after around 9 consecutive days with no day off, so I bloody well deserved to be drinking the glass of red I was clutching in my hand.

The thing is, I am all about that health and wellbeing palaver. It’s what I do for a living and I blinking love yabbering on about how your health is your wealth and you are the most important thing you could invest in, yadda yadda. But I’m also human. Fair enough, I think mince pies are the most horrid snack ever invented and I do not enjoy having them anywhere near me, but hey, Christmas time is all about sparkles, having a good time and enjoying yourself, so there s absolutely nothing wrong with having a few chocolates here and there.

I have a few clients that are freaking out about the amount of weight they assume they’re going to put on over the holidays, but I’ve been totally honest with them. I have spent too much of my life worrying about what foods and drinks pass my lips, and it’s not worth the mental and emotional turmoil. Yep, chances are, a couple of pounds might be gained around Christmas, but so be it!

In 50 years, if you look back on a particular Christmas, are you going to be worried about exactly how much turkey and mashed potatoes you had that day? Probably not. You’ll focus on what made you happy, and having been able to spend time with friends and loved ones. And if all you do remember is exactly how many calories you ate, then you’re doing Christmas wrong. I’m not saying to eat an entire turkey with all the trimmings for lunch and wash it down with a bottle of wine, but e n j o y y o u r s e l f. Life is way too short to deny yourself a bit of Christmas cheer, so, be mindful of what you’re eating, but don’t stop yourself from having a cheeky chocolate from the massive box that someone has on their desk.

Happy Sunday guys!

C x

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