Unpopular Opinions

Hey guys!

Just before Christmas, I thought I’d be a little mischievous and write a blog about some unpopular and controversial opinions I have about things that I come across in daily life. Because why not? It’s the holidays. If I can get away with drinking at whatever time of day I want, I can get away with writing about whatever I want.


  1. Hawaiian Pizza is Delicious

Pineapple is tasty. Pizza is tasty. I like cheese. I enjoy ham. So why wouldn’t I have everything put together in one and be able to eat all the elements in one incredible bite?

2. Beaches are Overrated

I like being by the sea. I enjoy swimming in the ocean. What I don’t like is having sand stuck on my skin and finding grains of it in my hair even after washing it three times. I also don’t like having to fight for sunbathing space, and getting sand in my bag and on all my belongings. Is it quite clear I don’t like sand? Beaches. Overrated. Get me a sunlounger and a cocktail and I’ll meet you on a terrace bar with a view instead.

3. Spam is Tasty

Gross meat-in-a-tin with a layer of jelly-like fat around it? Yes. Would I cook it, put it in my noodles and devour it? Also yes.

4. Beyonce is Overrated

I get that she’s got a great voice, she really does. But I can list off at least five singers off the top of my head who are better, and unbelievably underrated in comparison. Lady Gaga, for example, as well as Adele, Ariana Grande, Paloma Faith and Jennifer Hudson. ‘Queen Bey’ is just a ridiculous name fans have come up with, and the way people fangirl over her is cringe.


5. Anything Fancier Than a Black Coffee or Latte is Just Unnecessary

£1.50 filter black coffee at Starbucks will wake me up and keep me warm just the same as a tall, skinny latte with three pumps of chocolate, a shot of gingerbread, blended, with whipped cream will. And my waistband and purse will thank me also.

6. Chicken Wings Aren’t that Great

Don’t get me wrong, I do love a bit of chicken, but I think that chicken wings have recently gotten a reputation they don’t really deserve. yep, the seasoning is great and it can taste amazing, but you can literally do the same exact things to a chicken breast or a chicken thigh fillet and it’ll taste the same. Without the inconvenience of having to eat around bones as well.

7. I am Terrified of Ageing 

If you read any magazine aimed at women, it’ll tell you to embrace the ageing process, and to grow old gracefully because you’ll still be beautiful and as long as you are healthy it’s all good. Bull. Shit. I am so worried about getting old it’s not even funny. I have one persistent gray hair that won’t quit, and my brother says I have 3 bars of WIFI on my forehead when I smile (so rude.) The thing is though, I am scared of needles and don’t believe in injecting things into my face to stay young. So I’m in a bit of a situation where I just have to hope that mother nature and some random powerful genes will come to my rescue and help me stay youthful. I want to act old, and be in my bed for 9:30pm every night, but I don’t want to look old. You get me?

8. Die Hard is NOT a Christmas Film

Just because someone tried to blow shit up around Christmas time does NOT make Die Hard a Christmas movie. It just doesn’t. So stop trying to make it one.

9. Apple Pie is Hideous

Apples are nice on their own. They are defiitely not nice when they are cooked and the crunch has been taken out of them and they are warm. It’s disgusting. Same with carrots in cake. Just no.

That’s all the ones I can think of right now… I’m sure as soon as I press the post button I’ll come up with twenty more, as it always goes!

What do you guys have as unpopular opinions?

Have an incredible Christmas everyone!

C x

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