Onto New Adventures.

Hey guys!

I have finally got some good news… I got a job AT LAST! After what has seemed like an absolute age, I have finally been accepted for something!

I actually went to interview for another role, but about two minutes into the interview, after I had spoken about myself a little, Jane the interviewer said the scariest words she could have uttered in the situation.

‘I’m going to be honest with you…’

My heart dropped out my arse and I steeled myself for the worst. Here we go – she’s going to tell me I’m not qualified enough for the role etcetera, etcetera.
In record time as well. I hadn’t even been in the room for ten minutes.

But au contraire. Jane looked me in the face and said,

Looking at your CV, you are too bright for the role that you’re applying for. Luckily, something came up this morning, and I want to give you that job instead.’

I. Want. To. GIVE. You. That. Job. Instead. 

Music to my ears, angels singing, clouds scattering and revealing beautiful sunshine, doves flying, and all that jazz.


Jane, or as I will call her from now on my guardian angel, started outlining this other role which is a level up from the one I was applying for, and then told me about the opportunities for progression and self development.

When she was done, I looked her in the face, and before I could help myself I blurted,


Yep. Little old me sat in a professional interview and told my interviewer that she basically had to stop talking because it sounded too good to be true.

Thankfully, Jane laughed it off, and told me I had nothing to worry about. The job was mine if I wanted it. Though the salary isn’t quite what I expected, the chances of progression and advancement are lucrative and I can really see myself going quite far within the firm, so I accepted the job straight away and I START TOMORROW !

In total the interview lasted less than 25 minutes, and 15 of those were spent having the lovliest chat with Jane. It was hands down the most pleasant and positive interviewing experience I’ve ever had. I really clicked with her, and we spoke about books, music and the fact that I’d have to leave my nose ring out during working hours (I think I can handle that, even though I strongly feel my nose ring is the only thing that makes me look remotely cool) and I truly believe that that conversationbeing so nice has set me up with a positive attitude towards working in the firm already.

Guys, it seriously feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel 3 stone lighter and as soon as I had shaken Jane’s hand for the last time after our chat I ran round the corner to where Mr OneBigStressball’s office is and told him the good news.

This entire time, he has believed in me when I couldn’t even muster the courage to believe in myself. He proof read (and wrote some of) my personal statements; made sure my CV looked on point, and trowled through the internet for job vacancies at every opportunity he could. I genuinely don’t think I could have gotten out of my slump without him.

I am nervous about tomorrow, but hopefully my luck will continue and training goes well!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

C x



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