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Hi guys!

What’s your favourite thing about yourself?




You are a human being made up of thousands upon thousands of sciency-stuff, like molecules and cells and blood and tissue, as well as all of your emotions, personal experiences and relationships.

You’ve got a whole jumble of things going on and you’re telling me that you can’t think of a single thing that you like about yourself?

Try harder.

Found it? Right. Now embrace it.

Go to the mirror – even if it’s when you’d normally be there anyway (brushing your teeth or whatever) and tell yourself what you like about you.

It could be anything. Like that you’ve got straight teeth? Give yourself the biggest, cheesiest grin and ask yourself ‘how YOU doin’.


Enjoy the fact that you are always brimming with energy? Tell yourself you’re a superhero. (and then message me your secrets because I feel like I need to nap at least 3 times a day.)

‘I am youthful and timeless’ is what Jennifer Lopez tells herself AT LEAST once a day. And look at her. Total goddess. She swears that her affirmations help her stay young, and even if you don’t believe all that… why not be nice to yourself? We focus so much on being nice and trying to compliment others that we forget that we are also amazing.

You can totally start small as well.

I began a few years ago by making a habit of saying ‘you got this, MacDonald’ (my surname) right before forcing myself to get out of bed, and found it really helped me when I was going through the toughest times during my depression.

It didn’t always work – there were days I couldn’t bring myself to do anything more than go to the bathroom when I was absolutely bursting, but on other days (and now most mornings) it forces me to take that first step out of bed…or at the very least sit up in preparation to get out!

I still do this every day (albeit quietly and not as aggressively because Mr OneBigStressball and I live together and I think seeing me shout at myself would freak him out) and it’s branched into other parts of my life.

When I go to the gym and I’m finding it tough, I tell myself that I’m strong, over and over again to keep myself going. Sometimes this could be just before a heavy set on the squat rack – I’ll look into the mirror into my own eyes (they’re blurry because I don’t wear my glasses to the gym and the mirror is quite a distance from where the bar is) and think ‘your legs are strong, you’ve got this.’ If I’m nowhere near a mirror then the mantra I have going through my head over and over is ‘You’re strong, you’ve got this, you can do it.’ Does it work each time? Of course not. Try doing sets of 50 burpees and tell me you can get through on sheer willpower an affirmations. But it helps give me that extra boost. When I’m feeling low, or sick, or if I’ve had a shit day, the mantra is there to help me remember I’ve been through a heck of a lot worse, so there’s no reason for me not to be a wuss and not get through a workout.

If you haven’t guessed, that’s my affirmation to myself. I’ve started on something that isn’t physical, I truly think I’m emotionally and mentally really resilient and can withstand a lot of crap that gets thrown at me.

You are the person you talk to the most. It’s not nice to be putting yourself down all the time. If you had a mate that was with you 24/7 would you spend the entire time putting them down and picking them apart? Unless you’re a psycho sociopath, then I think not. So why do you deserve that treatment?

Be kind to yourself.


C x


3 thoughts on “Affirmations

  1. Love this 💕 Me and my best friend have a mantra we say to each other to pick the other up if they’re down: “you got this” … it became such “thing” that I started saying it to myself on the tougher days but it’s so helpful on the days that I can’t manage to do that, that she can say it to me, for me x


  2. I’m stubborn, determined and I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I believe I am an asset to any role I undertake at work and whilst some would call it arrogance and a negative connotation to it, it’s my superpower.

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