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Sober October – 7 days down and feeling it.

Hey guys!

Here we are, at day 7 of Sober October, and boy, the weekend almost broke me.

Let me give you a wee run down of my week:

Monday and Tuesday were fine, I don’t usually feel like I need a drink on those days anyway.

Wednesday rolled round, and that is Mr OneBigStressball and I’s date night, with him having planned a comedy night date for us last week. I can honestly say it was the first time I have ever been to a comedy club with zero alcohol in my system and yes, for the first time ever, I actually remembered what the comedians said. It was Top Banana night at the club, which is a night during which comedians try out some of their new stuff on the crowd, and, when their jokes kind of bombed, there was no alcohol to help soften the edges of the awkwardness, but all in all it was fine!

Thursday was grand, and then Friday came along.

I took the day off work as I was unwell, and then in the evening, Mr OneBigStressball and I went back to my mum’s house in Stirling to visit. Two things happened.

  1. My mother – who constantly complains about the amount of alcohol I consume – had bought us some beer and TWO bottles of my favourite wine for our arrival. Nice gesture. Not ideal for my pained efforts to stop drinking. As the night went on, I am not joking you, I almost caved and poured myself a glass. I took to taking my brother’s beer and sniffing it instead.
  2. The three of us played Monopoly Deal. If you haven’t heard of it, it is like Monopoly, but a card game version. Equally as fight-inducing, none of the dice rolling. I won FIVE times in a row. Fucking FIVE times. I am chalking it down to not having had a drink and for once my mind was totally fog free. Just as well, because I get way too competitive with the game, and if I had lost, a physical fight may have ensued. It usually does.

On Saturday, my brother, Mr OneBigStressball and I went for what was supposed to be a chill hill walk up Dumyat hill in Stirling. This ‘chilled’ walk turned into an honest living nightmare, during which I cried because I fell over, and twice seriously contemplated phoning mountain rescue because it was getting dark and we were dangerously close to a cliff face. All of this I will explain in a future blog post, but let me tell you, if ever I deserved a glass of wine – and if ever I desperately felt like I needed a glass of wine – that night was it. I did, however, muster all my willpower, and forced Mr OneBigStressball to lie in bed and watch The Apprentice and drink tea with me instead. Close one.

So I am one week down. I have come painfully close to losing all willpower, but I am staying strong. I know to some people not drinking for a week is absolutely nothing and not worth noting, but I seriously cannot remember the last time I went this long without having a glass of… just something.

Long may this streak keep going!

C x

6 thoughts on “Sober October – 7 days down and feeling it.

  1. Good job! It’s all too easy just to cave at the sight of your favorite alcoholic beverage. One thing I’ve found helpful was to have a glass of water or juice in hand, so as to trick the brain into believing you still have something to drink, rather than none at all. Good luck with the rest of the month!

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    1. Oh absolutely I totally agree! Mr OneBigStressball and I have made a thing we like to call ‘mider’ or ‘mock cider’ which is simply lemonade mixed with apple juice, to make us think we’re drinking cider! I feel like I need something in my hands all of the time, something to fidget with, or something to occupy my hands in general – especially in social situations, so having a drink definitely helps with that!

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