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Sober October – 14 Days Down

Hey guys!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are ready to smash the next few days and whatever challenges they may bring with them!

It’s the 14th October today – day 14 of Sober October, and… I can’t lie to you, I had a drink on Friday.

Let me explain.

Friday marked the end of the first week our team has spent in our new office location, and, having missed out on the drinks everyone had on actual moving day the week before, when one of the solicitors sent out an email earlier this week suggesting we get together to celebrate our week anniversary, I jumped on that train faster than a runaway trying to make a break for it.

I finish work a little earlier than the rest of the office, so I grabbed a table for us and waited for everyone else. As I waited, I drank little half pints of Heineken 0%, which tasted a lot better than I thought it was going to, to be honest. A slightly buttery taste, it was kind of like drinking liquid cake. No complaints there!

I continued down this non alcohol route for a while, just drinking my little half pints of Heineken 0%, and was actually really enjoying it. For the first time, seriously, the FIRST time in my adult life I was engaging in a social situation where I didn’t have the option of alcohol to ‘get me through’. I was still anxious, and it was still hard for me, but I was doing it.

Then one particular solicitor came in, and asked everyone what they wanted.

Back story: this particular solicitor was especially difficult to deal with during the move, and piled boxes upon boxes of files next to my desk when there was no need to, adding huge amounts of stress to my days leading up to the move. During these days, when he realised how exhausted I was about the whole ordeal, he mentioned he owed me a drink. And I was not going to let that slide. 

Prosecco it was, and, at the back of my head, I justified it by telling myself that I wasn’t paying for it, so… did it really count? I felt quite guilty as I took my first sip, but I mentioned the situation to Mr OneBigStressball, and he said he wasn’t disappointed in me at all, considering I’d made it over a week without a single drink.

I did wake up the next day with a slight hangover, and haven’t had a drink since then, so I think that other than that small blip, I’m still doing really well. I’m not going to beat myself up about it!

One Sunday morning a few of us gathered at the pub to watch the Scotland v Japan Rugby World Cup game, and, even though I wanted to have just as many pints as everyone else, Mr OneBigStressball and I stuck to bottles of Heineken 0%, and I eventually started asking for a prosecco glass with soda water and lime in, so it looked like I was drinking prosecco. Again, it was totally fine, and I was clear headed and ready for the rest of the activities we’d planned for the day.

As the days go on, I’m finding it easier to not drink. The spare bottles of wine and left over vodka that are currently in my room aren’t as big a presence as they once were, and some days I don’t even remember they’re there.

Two more days, and I’ll be halfway through this endeavour!

C x

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