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How Many Times Do We Need To Have The Same Argument?

What a week.

While I was brushing up on my current events knowledge during my lunch hour on Friday, I came across an article that made me feel physically sick. And angry.

(To be honest it doesn’t take a lot for me to feel affronted, but seriously, you won’t believe what I’m about to tell you.)

The state of Ohio has recently passed a law which orders doctors and surgeons to re-implant ectopic pregnancies into the women suffering from them, or face legal action.

The same state tried to pass a six-week abortion ban last year, but this has since been blocked. In retaliation to this, House Bill 413 has since been introduced, which completely bans abortion, and defines a fertilised egg as an ‘unborn child.’

There are a few things wrong here already.

One: it doesn’t matter whether or not you determine a fertilised egg as an ‘unborn child’, it isn’t anyone else’s business other than the woman carrying that fertilised egg (and perhaps her partner, depending on the circumstances) what the outcome or future of said egg is.

Two: this new law which is trying to force the ‘re-implantation’ of ectopic pregnancies is downright ludicrous, as there is no medical procedure in existence that can allow for this to happen. Even attempting to do this ‘re-implantation’ would put the mother’s life at risk, even more so that the ectopic pregnancy itself would. So effectively, this law is not only trying to get doctors to do the medically impossible, but ultimately would add to the already horrifying trauma a woman has to go through with an ectopic pregnancy.

Well done guys, you’ve done it again.

The bill was condemned by Kellie Copeland, the executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio.

“They want to ban abortion; they want to classify it legally as murder; they want to impose criminal penalties against people who get abortions and people who provide them,” Copeland told The Post. “That’s been the goal of all of the abortion legislation we’ve seen in Ohio.’

This incredibly asinine piece of legislature has once again pushed the limit of what I thought the United States wouldn’t be idiotic enough to do. In our world of technological, social and scientific advances, here we are, reading about the statesmen of Ohio passing laws that do not have women’s best interests at heart, and are in fact, encouraging medieval ways of tinkering with medicine that could put people’s lives at risk.

I honestly don’t even know how we are still having this argument. Why are men still passing legislature that does not concern them? Why are they still taking charge over affairs they know nothing about? When will they realise that the female body and the medicine around it is completely and utterly under- funded with regards to research and medical research? When will they understand that it is not their God-given right, just because they have a penis to throw around, to control us? How is it, 100 years after women fought and put themselves on the line for the the right for women to vote, we still do not have full autonomy of our bodies, our wombs, our uteri?

I have zero clue. I could go on and on about the utter stupidity behind this bill and the fact that we are now in the 21st century – why have we as women still not have full control over our own bodies and our own lives? What I do know is that Ohio is going to run out of doctors, as the current penalty for abortion – which opting not to ‘re-implant’ an ectopic pregnancy in a procedure that doesn’t exist will count as – is jail time. What are Ohio going to do if they have no doctors?

Let’s just wait and see shall we?

C x


6 thoughts on “How Many Times Do We Need To Have The Same Argument?

  1. Only in Ohio…it’s a rather conservative US state, so it comes as no surprise such a law has been passed. Abortion is a delicate subject, and I think we shouldn’t be quick to claim we’re pro-life/pro-choice, depending on individual cases at hand. HOWEVER: if one has already decided to abort, you can’t take back that decision– at that point, that’s idiotic. Goes to show that people are irrational and just plain dumb sometimes.

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    1. No absolutely, I completely agree that it’s an argument with so many sides and facets, and I would never ever judge someone for their choices, however when a law is being passed where women are being put in danger and their lives are being put at risk, that’s what makes me angry.

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