Working From Home – Week 2

So, it’s been another week and we are still at home. Our giant 45 pack of loo roll from Costco has been cracked open, BoJo has announced an essential lockdown across the country, and the butcher keeps running out of poultry, no matter what time of day we get there. Are people panic-buying chicken?

Yesterday was Mother’s Day (at the time of writing) and it was the most gut-wrenching Mother’s Day I’ve ever experienced. My mum took ill, and as a precaution, we weren’t allowed to go and look after her. That didn’t mean just not being able to physically touch and hug her and give her the cuddle she deserved, but it meant the only ‘contact’ we had was me leaving flowers and a care package at her door, ringing the doorbell, and stepping back 6 feet while I waited for her to open the door. I wished her a Happy Mother’s Day, checked how she was feeling, then had to go straight back into the car and drive home. Brutal. This was the case for most families across the country – people haven’t been able to spend any time with their loved ones, and it is heart breaking.


So here is a brief summary of my thoughts and things I noticed during this week’s stint working from home.

  • If I wear a different set of jammies during the day than during the night then surely they don’t count as jammies and I can call them my uniform?
  • I really enjoy drinking tea but it seems to want to make an exit out of my body straight away.
  • Seriously why do I need to pee so often?
  • The lack of commute (and having to do a full shower and hair wash in the morning) and changed working hours means I get an extra two hours of bed in the morning and that’s a pretty sweet deal.
  • Should we get a cat to deal with Earl?
  • We as a couple get through tomato sauce quite quickly.
  • How are we halfway through a 5 kilo bag of rice already?!
  • There’s nothing to watch on Netflix.
  • I swear I can hear Earl running around but can’t see him.
  • Amazon Prime have stopped doing next day delivery so I basically can’t make any rash purchases anymore.
  • Did I seriously used to wait more than 24 hours for something to get delivered?!
  • I think I’ve peed at least 6 times during working hours today. Is that normal?
  • So many books, so much time to read them.
  • Maybe I’ll actually make a dent in my to-be-read list for once seeing as I’m finally reading more than I’m purchasing.
  • Is it physically possible for me to actually feel my bum getting flatter as each hour on this chair goes by?
  • God, I miss the gym.
  • Ooohh there’s something called Tiger King on Netty. Maybe this’ll be worth a watch.
  • Wow, the people who buy and keep big cats are not a people I want to associate myself with.
  • Kind of want to buy a comfier chair to work on, kind of know it won’t arrive for weeks and by then lockdown may be over.
  • Must. Stop. Snacking.

Anyone else making their way rapidly through all the available snacks in their house?


3 thoughts on “Working From Home – Week 2

  1. Being at home means we get through the food in the cupboards at an alarming rate, I feel like I spend my life in a supermarket topping up. Oh that and drinking alcohol at 5pm daily because I don’t need to be up early nor be stuck in the morning rush hour.

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