Working From Home – Week 3

Wow, what a week it’s been, and we’re only three weeks into lockdown.

Is anyone else struggling with the way time is moving? A few times now I’ve done or said something to Mr OneBigStressball in the morning/daytime and when he spoke about it in the evening I was adamant that it had happened days ago. Convinced to the point of almost arguing with him because I thought he was trying to gaslight me. To be honest, if there was ever a time to successfully get away with gaslighting me, right now would be perfect.

Quick health update: My mum became a confirmed case of COVID-19 this week. I don’t live with her, but my brother does, so I am so grateful that she at least has someone in the house to watch over her, but it still breaks my heart that we can’t go and see her. She’s been giving us daily updates, and fingers crossed she’s over the worst of it.

So, weekly update number 3 – here are some thoughts/things that happened this week…

  • Tiger King is horrendously addictive. Carole Baskin is the root of all my problems.
  • Must find the documentary that Louis Theroux did with Joe Exotic… aka Joe Schreibvogel… aka Joe Maldonado… aka Joe Maldonado Passage.
  • Must watch the Celebrity Bake Off with Louis Theroux.
  • This Disney+ thing might be worth it.
  • Yessssss, Stanley got it and has given me access.
  • Coco is the most underrated Disney film and WHY HAVEN’T I SEEN IT BEFORE?!
  • Wow, this laptop doesn’t have a Caps Lock button… do I need to write full sentences with one finger on shift from now on when sending angry emails?
  • Perhaps it will help me stop with the angry emails.
  • Just had the first fight of the week with Mr OneBigStressball. Can’t really remember what it was about but I’m sure I was right.
  • Just cried like a child who’s lost their mother in a supermarket just THINKING about the end of Coco. Am I coping with lockdown that badly?!
  • Sorry, I’ve entered this radio competition at least three times why haven’t I been picked?
  • Mandatory online training session for work. HWG.
  • Oh wow, this is supposed to be INTERACTIVE? I didn’t sign up to speak to anyone today, thank you.
  • Period just started – that’ll explain all the crying then.
  • I want to watch Coco again but I may have a breakdown.
  • Mr OneBigStressball and I have just had another fight. It’s so much harder to storm out when we’re not really allowed out. Will need to go and say sorry instead.
  • Just heard an EE advert on Heart FM. didn’t realise he was still doing those.
  • I want to buy new books.
  • I shouldn’t buy new books.
  • Maybe I should start baking more.
  • Just set up Amazon Alexa Routines on the Echo Dot because I want to get up early and totally kill it from tomorrow on.
  • Wow, it turns out I REALLY don’t like unsolicited chat from Alexa at 6am.
  • Three fights and counting.
  • The only things I’m good at cooking are banana bread, brownies and cookies. Why are my skills so limited.

So there you have it, a general gist of how my week has gone. 7 days that have gone by in a haze of tears, shouting, unreasonable huffs, and PMS gone awry as there is no gym for me to go to to avoid people and throw things around.

If anything, lockdown is making me work harder on my communication skills as I can’t just walk away to a cafe to cool off when Mr OneBigStressball and I fight. It’s forcing me to stay in the house and talk things through when I’m upset, even if what’s upsetting me is totally beyond anyone’s control. I mean, if you heard how loud he snored you’d understand my pain. So yeah, we’re working on that, cooped up each day with just each other… Maybe not this week though, my hormones forbade it, unfortunately.

Instagram has made me feel a little bit of pressure if I am honest.

A lot of influencers and people with large followings are currently promoting different at-home workouts, which I think is a great thing – in moderation. It seems like my feed is bombarded every day with just post after post of people doing burpees, and it has made me question whether or not I am doing enough exercise to make up for the lack of walking around and moving I’m doing… And don’t even get me started on the people who are profiteering in this situation – pushing their workout programs and charging people way over the odds.

I’ve also felt a bit of pressure from social media to start being more productive. Not that I’m not productive on a daily basis, but I feel like we are all being told that, now we are at home, we should be doing more, producing more. What if I don’t want to? Does wanting to do a little less make me a lazy person? Gah, I hope not.

Let me know how you guys are coping! What week of lockdown are you on where you are? Have you been doing more than normal? Or have you been using your time to relax a bit and ease off the accelerator that is day-to-day life?



6 thoughts on “Working From Home – Week 3

  1. Oh, the lock-down life! For me, I’m usually at home when I’m not working, so I’m not agonizing staying at home because of it. I was recently temporarily laid-off from my job, so I have even more time on my hands. I’m trying to do more writing on my blogs, as well as *finally* get to spring cleaning and return to my bookkeeping courses.

    As for fights at home, I get it. Sometimes, I don’t get along with my dad, but it’s important to talk things through, especially if you live in the same home as them. After all, it’ll be harder otherwise to get through this pandemic if we’re stressed out (which would increase our chances of getting sick). I’m sorry to hear that your mom’s got it, and I hope she’s strong to recover! Best wishes to you and your family. 🙂

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    1. I’m sorry that you’ve been laid off! I’m glad you’ve got some time for doing more writing and your courses though!
      Tensions in the home is definitely taking a toll, but we’re working though it, you’re right though. Being open and communicative is really helping!

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  2. As a key worker and therefore still working I haven’t felt the lock down as much because I’ve been getting out, a change of scenery and not stuck in. However we have 9 days off now so I’ll get to feel it more, be interesting to see how things go.
    The one thing with disagreements is not to go to be on one, try to resolve it before bedtime so you start the next day off on a better footing.

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    1. Thank you very much for your continuing work as a key worker! Keep me updated on how you get on with your 9 days off ! We try not to go to bed on an argument, as I’ve always been against doing that, but it’s difficult to do so when things just simmer beneath the surface for the whole day and hasn’t been spoken about before bed! It’s a learning curve!


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